Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Ben's Zombie Stuffie

Smack dab in the middle of the holiday rush a couple of months ago, my 6-year-old Ben came up to me and asked if we could make a stuffie together.

The transition to First Grade has been a bit rough on my big boy: there have been meltdowns galore and less-than-stellar behavior, along with much need for hugs, cuddles and quality time together. Even though I was swamped with holiday sewing and craft show prep, I caved and said "okay".

I'm so glad I did! In just about an hour, we'd worked together on a fun little project and created an adorable plush zombie!

When we work on a project together, Ben often jumps in with a very specific idea in mind (see Halloween costumes for examples) and this was no different. He drew me a picture of the "zombie stuffie" he wanted to make, illustrated with a little cloud of polyfill.

We dove right in. Ben first chose fabric from my overflowing box of scraps: a piece of soft grey and white flannel left over from the backing of Hugo's quilt. He picked two matching emerald buttons from my button stash for the eyes. I helped him with stitching the buttons on, but he stitched the mouth on his own with bright red floss.

I layered the embroidered fabric right sides together with another. I cut out the zombie "pattern" and pinned it on the fabric, making sure to fit the embroidery in the head area. I then used my machine to sew about 1/8-1/4 inch all around the outline, leaving a 2-inch opening on the side of the torso. I carefully cut around the stitches, clipping seam allowance inside the angles between the limbs.

We turned the stuffie inside out and gently poked the limbs out with a chopstick. Ta-da!

Ben was in charge of stuffing. He needed a bit of help to make sure the polyfill made it into the arms and legs, but otherwise handled it like a pro.

I pinned and machine-stitched the opening closed, and we were done! I think it turned out super cute. It definitely looks kid-made and Ben loves it! He calls it Mingu and has slept with it every single night since we made it. So sweet! We also made a lion version for his best friend for Christmas.

I am terrible about prepping craft projects on which to work with the kiddos. I love this type of kid-led spur-of-the-moment instant gratification project. How about you?


  1. Super cute! When you have a lot going on it can be hard to say 'yes' but then is always worth it!

  2. I love it. It is so great that he created it and was there each step of the way. It is a great zombie :D

  3. I like the way how you keep your children in touch, I wish I could do the same, I miss those days where my daughter used to saw with me, well can't help it, it's a part of growing up at all.

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  4. love it..good to see a child get involved with crafting..

  5. This is very sweet! Anyone can do this at home. It does not have to be difficult, and the satisfaction of the done thing is big. I really like your job and I will visit your blog more often!
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