Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Last Week I:

Got together with my "Four Sisters" gardening group, it was the first time I'd met with them in many months. Thankful they held that space for me.  We talked seeds, at night, without kids. Yes this is a big deal.

(Ordering from Baker Creek this year for the most part, what a gorgeous catalog!)

Changed the name of my shop to Angel Funk Designs, for simplicity's sake. Thanks Etsy for honoring that change. I hope to have some new items up for sale soon, fingers crossed.

Ran errands, by myself, in my own car. Came home to an empty and quiet house. Thankful for a husband that helps me find that time alone, I am realizing lately how important it is to my sanity. I bought chicken feed at Green Wagon (tell Kev I finally have a local spot for organic feed!) along with a Happy Dragon candle and bar of soap from local company Alchemy of Sol. I wish you guys could come visit this year, you wouldn't believe how much this neighborhood has changed! I can't even find a parking space on the weekend to go to the hardware store.

Contemplated, and then talked myself out of, this Needle Felting sculpture class at Arrowmont in June. I would love to go, the artists' work (Stephanie Metz) is amazing! But things are not really coming together in terms of planning and there's that little issue of paying for it, and that's ok. Something else will present itself at the right time, I just know it!

Received Wee Felt Worlds in the mail from our friend Amanda Carestio at Lark Crafts, did you get one too Jen? I've got my eye on the "sweet shop" set for Silas, at least a few of the pieces. (Speaking of, here's a short tutorial to make a donut from the book!) I need to figure out what to do for Valentine's day this year! (How about you?)

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