Monday, February 4, 2013



It's been a while since I've signed on, apologies. We're emerging from, oh, 6 or 7 weeks of sickness around here. It's been one thing after another, and at least one person in our family was sick at all times during the month of January. AAH! I know in the large scheme of things, I should be grateful that we're overall healthy and it was nothing serious. But it sucked, and I am knocking on wood that we are done!

Since I've been home a lot with the kiddos, I've been trying to get organized, make lots of stuff for my shop, etc. I sorted through all my fabrics recently and gave a lot away, and then I re-organized what was left in my fabric cupboard. Take a look. Pretty!

Fabric Stash

While going through my overflowing basket of works-in-progress, I found the following Christmas tree blocks I had made in November or early December.

WIP: Christmas Trees Table Runner

Remember this table runner I was planning on making?

Jenny: Milk and Cookie Table Runner

Clearly, I never did finish this table runner in time for the holidays. Bummer! Maybe it will be done by next year's Christmas. I like how the blocks turned out, each quite different, but they work well together.

WIP: Christmas Trees Table Runner

WIP: Christmas Trees Table Runner

WIP: Christmas Trees Table Runner

I have a lot of stuff to share and write about, some tutorials to put together, and tons of things in the works. So I'm hoping (planning!) to post a bit more frequently in the coming weeks and months. Assuming everyone stays healthy...

How is everyone? What have you been working on lately? I'd love to catch up in the comments.


  1. oh no, sorry to hear you've all been sick. We had a bit of that in our house too and it's never a nice start to the year.

    Don't think of your table runner of a project that didn't get done in time for Christmas, think of it as a project that's SUPER early for next christmas!

  2. Jenny, your blocks turned out great! I don't think I even got THAT far with mine. I'm going to post this week, promise. Several things to show!


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