Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Handmade for Newtown

Have you guys heard of Handmade for Newtown? This is an online auction organized by my friend Rachael and From The Heart Auctions to benefit the parent community in Newtown, CT after the horrible massacre that happened there a few weeks ago.

Handmade For Newtown Auction

I donated an original piece of burlap art to the auction to help raise money for the cause. It's called Sunset Birds. It is handmade with fabric designs appliqued onto a piece of upcycled burlap from a coffee sack. The artwork is stretched onto a wooden frame, professionally finished and ready for hanging!

You can see the auction listing for it here and if you'd like, bid on it!

Handmade for Newtown: burlap art by Jenny Bartoy

There are a ton of fabulous handmade items, along with supplies like fabric, patterns and more up for grabs. Go check out the auction album and bid generously, it's going to a good cause!

Here are a few pictures to give you an idea of what's open for bids:

Pretty awesome, don't you think? Go check out the auction album and bid away!

You can "Like" From the Heart Auctions on Facebook here.

And here's my artwork again, just because I took a bajillion pictures of it, ha ha!

Handmade for Newtown: burlap art by Jenny Bartoy

You will find the how-to and rules for bidding when you go to the auction album. It's pretty self-explanatory. You bid by leaving a comment with a higher dollar amount on whatever item you'd like.

Bids will be accepted through Friday, January 18 at 10pm EST. Go bid!

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  1. thanks for your contribution and for sharing and just generally being lovely and all ;) xo


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