Friday, November 16, 2012

When in doubt, sew straight lines

Jenny, I am in love with the table runners! I bought a ton of Bella fabric on sale last week, and that warm grey dot was in my cart. I think I bought all they had left! I'm turning mine into curtains, but will hopefully have enough left for a table runner or a few pillows.


Speaking of curtains: I have finished four so far! I was thrilled that Lee said "yes" when his sister asked if we could host Thanksgiving this year, not only does it give me something helpful and generous to focus my energy on, it gives me motivation to finish up some projects I've had on my mind for months.




This also reminds me of my new motto: "When in doubt, sew straight lines." Next time I'm feeling overwhelmed or frazzled or just need to clear my mind, I'm going to sit down with a pile of scraps and just start sewing straight lines and see what happens. Maybe I should have some quilt squares cut ahead of time, for piecing? Hmmm.

I think that may be why I am stuck on the project I mentioned last week, it's making my brain hurt! Since the whole thing was conceived starting at 4:30 am, I wasn't thinking that far ahead, and I am unsure how to finish these little drawings so that they are preserved.



Won't it make the cutest table runner for Thanksgiving? I have another batch of curtains to make for the living room (straight lines!) and maybe that will clear out the cobwebs long enough to come up with a brilliant idea.......

U.S. readers, what are you planning for Thanksgiving? And everyone: what should I do with Ian's drawings? Help!


  1. I do think they make a cute table runner! We are getting ready to drive along skyline drive in VA on our way to my aunt's farm for turkey day...we are really looking forward to a mini getaway of sorts...

  2. Angel, the curtains look great! Awesome job. I love how we're both obsessed with... I mean, inspired by Bella. That mustard/chartreuse print screamed "Angel" to me, so it makes me happy to see it all over your living room. Can't wait to see what else you make with it.

    You picked a great combo of fabrics for that table runner. I look forward to seeing what you make with Ian's adorable drawings.


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