Wednesday, November 14, 2012

A Few Table Runners


I'm coming up for air to check in. I can't believe it's been 10 days since my last post. November is always my crazy busy month, prepping for the holidays, and now that I have a little business, it is even nuttier.

I've been prepping for Black Friday and Cyber Monday. I also signed up for an art sale here in Seattle (December 8, 12:30-6:30PM at Red Square Yoga, come see me!) and getting ready for it is taking away every ounce of free time I might have had left. Fun stuff, though! I have so many things prepped and cut, and now need to SEW SEW SEW!!!

Jenny: Table Runners

I have started listing some things from my Fall-Winter collection in the shop, mostly table runners (see above). A couple of months ago, I came up with a design for my own home (see below) and liked it so much, I made this bunch to sell on Etsy. You can see photos here on my biz blog and of course, in the Table Runners section of my shop.

Below is what I made for my house. I love the Bella collection by Lotta Jansdotter so much, I wanted to make a center piece for our dining room table with it. Grey is currently my favorite color (and the color of our dining room chair cushions!), so I decided to showcase that simple dotted print and bind it in natural linen. I added a layer of batting and quilted the runner with a large zigzag and it turned out great!

Jenny: Table Runners

Jenny: Table Runners

Jenny: Table Runners

If you'd like one of these for yourself, there is one in my shop! It is slightly more rectangular to fit most tables.

Jenny Bartoy ~ Handmade Designs

While I was on a roll with table runners, I decided to make one for our window shelf / nature table. That spot drives me crazy. It hosts the kids' collections of shells, rocks, pinecones and acorns (depending on the season) along with small seasonal crafts and small plants. This shelf is a scratched up wood board, painted white, and I've wanted to cover it for ages.

Jenny: Table Runners

While my natural linen and the batting were out, I cut pieces to size and quilted the layers with wavy lines. I then bound the whole thing with a small print from Rashida Coleman-Hale's Washi collection.

Jenny: Table Runners Jenny: Table Runners

Jenny: Table Runners

Jenny: Table Runners

I love how simple and crisp it is. Perfect for showcasing the kids' treasures!

All right, on this note, I've got to get back to the sewing machine while Henry is still at preschool! I hope to check in soon with more updates.

What are you guys up to lately? How are you getting ready for the upcoming holidays? I'd love to hear from you in the comments, and if you'd like, please share links to your crafty projects!


  1. I have so many UFO's it's pitiful! I love your sewing and your fabrics are so cool! On your tape that you sew on for the have to cut that on the bias, correct? Like in bias tape? I'd buy one from you but I've got myself on a strict budget right now plus I love to sew...I just don't make the time for it but I would probably have more to show if I did. I'm doing a wool felt applique quilt (all hand stitched) and there's cross stitch and teaching myself to knit and crochet and a throw quilt that is done but needs the binding stitched on if I can remember how to do that. I am a new quilter or a slow quilter whichever you choose! LOL!

  2. Beautiful runners! I love making them, nice quick finishes. Good luck at your art sale!


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