Thursday, October 18, 2012

Bok, bok!

(Bok, bok is chicken-speak for "hello", did you know that?)

Chicken curtain

Greetings! I feel the creative energy flowing again now that the garden is on a gentle decline and I find myself inside more often (with idle hands). I wanted to make something last week but felt overwhelmed. A very, very hastily made curtain for the kitchen window in a quarter yard of an old Robert Kaufman print was the perfect instant gratification project.

Chicken curtain

The hems? Uneven. The channel at the top that the curtain rod goes through? It is also uneven so getting that curtain rod in was a real pain in the a$$. But it felt great to start and finish something, perfect or not.


  1. :) I love those little picker upper instant gratification projects! those that you get done simply to make something a little bit prettier even if it's not quite perfect! those chickens are perfect!

  2. Love the chickens! We keep chickens and when my little boy was very small, his word for chicken was 'bok-bok'.

  3. I like it, Angel! This fabric is perfect for your kitchen. Does the window overlook the yard with the chicken coop, I forget? Instant gratification is the way to go when you are antsy to *make* something. And something utilitarian is perfect. Yay!


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