Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Around here for Fall break:

We're on Fall break around here this week, Ian's already had a three playdates and a sleepover! A trip to the downtown library! It's only Tuesday and he's bored! I desperately need to clean and organize the house without resorting to excessive screen time! (Help!)

Enter in Alphabet Glue, Volume 9, to the rescue! The moment Annie released it I purchased it, intrigued by the mini book project and thinking about the multiple playdate/babysitting dates we have during the break. The project creates a larger, three page book that holds up to twelve mini books (the book is 8.5 by 11, the mini books are about 1.5 by 2.5 and they're inserted into colorful cardboard pockets).

Check out what Ian and a friend have been working on this morning!




I spent about an hour total cutting enough small paper to make the mini books, and then went ahead and stapled them together too. Ian's in 2nd grade and pretty adept with most every basic office tool, but it's a LOT of cutting to make that many mini books. Totally worth it though, and once I got a rhythm down and made friends with my paper cutter I really enjoyed it.

I even slipped in enough blank books for myself, I have a plan in mind for them! If nothing else, they look pretty in a pile, don't they? I have a thing for navy lately, I can't get enough of it.


What are you doing with your kids these days in the craft dept.?

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  1. Angel, this looks great! Do you think Ben is old enough to do the Alphabet Glue projects? I love Ian's drawings, and I love navy too. Such cute mini-books, can't wait to find out what you made them for.

    PS: Ian has another Fall Break activity coming in the mail... today?


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