Sunday, July 8, 2012

Thank You July Sponsors!

A warm welcome to our new sponsors for July:

Karen Pior owns Sew Well Maide, a new Etsy shop offering fresh and modern quilt patterns and finished quilts. She lives in Melbourne, Australia (our first international sponsor!).

About her shop, Sew Well Maide, in her own words:

Sew Well Maide was born out of my compulsive need to make quilts. I adore quilts - old, new, traditional, modern and contemporary. I love making them for my Family. I love making them for my Friends and I love making them as gifts. There is something so comforting and soothing about quilts. Perhaps it is the connection with the past, perhaps it is the feeling of being enveloped in the warmth of a hug or maybe just the security that warmth and softness brings us. Whatever it is I wanted to have that in my everyday. And I wanted to be able to help others bring that into their everyday and their homes.

Sew Well Maide provides you with unique, original quilt and accessory designs to enable you to fulfill your creative spirit. The feelings evoked by making your own quilts, watching the stitches bring together something tangible and unique and beautiful and useful are priceless.

You can find Karen and Sew Well Maide online here:

Blog -- Etsy -- Craftsy (this is interesting!) -- Threadbias -- Facebook -- Flickr -- Pinterest

* * *

Janet lives in Michigan and owns Felt On The Fly. Her shop description says it all: Pure Merino Wool Felt | An abundance of 96 colors | Specifically created for artists and crafters | Certified safe for children | This is the really good stuff.

Guys, she is not kidding. This felt is incredible! She sent us a sample pack a few months ago and I have used it in several projects lately, it is wonderful to work with and the colors are gorgeous. And, I love this part of her "About" page from her Etsy shop:

It is inspiring for me, personally, to make available this truly environmentally friendly, toxin-free, high quality, pure wool felt that simply begs to be crafted into something wonderful. I've often said that selling this merino wool felt is similar to a performing a public service or an act of kindness! I didn't decide to sell this wool felt because I wanted or needed a job... My motivation was to share this valuable resource with other like-minded artists and crafters who appreciate the best materials and understand that when you commit your time and talent to a project, it makes sense to invest in quality. 

You can find Janet and Felt on the Fly online here:

Etsy -- Blog -- Facebook -- Pinterest

* * *

And thank you to our returning sponsors! Here's what's new with these wonderful shops:

Drygoods Design Online

Keli continues to stock her shop Drygoods Design Online with a carefully curated selection of beautiful modern fabrics.

Oh my goodness, is it possible to love every single fabric in the Dear Stella collection? I want!

Seattle locals can now visit Drygoods Design's brick-and-mortar location in Ballard! You can find Keli and Drygoods Design Online here:

Shop -- Blog -- Facebook -- Twitter -- Pinterest

* * *

fat quarter shop

Last and certainly not least, we're thrilled to welcome back Fat Quarter Shop as a sponsor. In this amazing online shop, you will find an incredible array of quilting fabrics, bundles and more. Make sure and check out their fabulous Block-of-the-Month program!

This Dear Mr. Claus holiday fabric is so wonderful, I want some of each print. Reminds me of childhood holiday wrapping paper...

You can find Fat Quarter Shop online here:

Shop -- Blog -- Facebook -- Twitter -- Pinterest

* * *

Thank you so much to these wonderful ladies and their businesses for sponsoring us. We hope you will support their shops!

For more information on how to sponsor Stumbles & Stitches, please visit our Advertising page.

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