Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Christmas Inspiration From Pinterest

In the spirit of Christmas in July, I've been browsing my Christmas board on Pinterest to start planning ahead for the crafts and decorations we'll be making either before or during the Christmas season this year. While scrolling through these lovely photos, I couldn't help but become a bit overwhelmed!

Here are some of the favorite inspiration projects I picked out:

Source: via Jenny on Pinterest

Source: via Jenny on Pinterest

Source: via Jenny on Pinterest

How about you? Are you in the Christmas spirit yet? I'd love to find out what you're planning to work on. If you have a Christmas board on Pinterest, please let us know in the comments.

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Don't forget to enter our first giveaway for Christmas in July, a beautiful holiday fat quarter bundle from Alewives Fabrics. We also shared our first free download from the new book Pretty in Patchwork: Holidays, a cute Milk and Cookies Mat. There's much more coming, so please come back and visit!

Stumbles & Stitches: Christmas in July 2012

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  1. I keep my gifting ideas on a spreadsheet as I don't want my family to see what I have planned, and they would see the pins :D

    One project I'm doing for all the nieces/nephews with kids (these kids range in age from 3 months to 5 years) is a "READ" library tote bag (pattern purchased on Etsy), with a penguin book (ordered from bookdepository in the UK, as they have free shipping), and a penguin stuffy (pattern purchased from Etsy). I have some of the penguins made already, and 3 penguin books bought - I'll be working on this project over the summer :)


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