Friday, July 20, 2012

Christmas in July: For the Weekend!

Good afternoon!

Internet issues and a kidnapped camera left me unable to show you photos of the fabrics I chose for the Milk and Cookie mat, but I will say that a little Heather Ross gnome fabric snuck into the mix! I decided to go ahead and try the traditional piecing suggested by the quilt pattern creator John Adams, time to learn something new don't you think?

For the weekend, I thought I'd re-share the three amazing projects from the Lark book Fa La La La Felt by Amanda Carestio, from last year's Christmas in July. Perfect in case you need a small piece of handwork to take with you on vacation or to the pool!

Below each photo you will find the link to a post featuring the free PDF download for the project.

If you need to purchase some wonderful wool felt, give our sponsor Janet at Felt On The Fly a visit! It is a joy to work with this felt, and she has a ton of beautiful "color stories" that would be perfect for ornament making. Keep your eyes peeled for a Felt On The Fly giveaway, too... (Thanks in advance to Janet!)

And don't forget our first Christmas in July giveaway: a fat quarter bundle from Alewives Fabric! Go HERE to enter.

Next week we'll share another project from "Pretty in Patchwork: Holidays" along with some new, original ornament tutorials from me and Jenny! Here's a sneak peek of one of mine:

 Inspired by Nature: Bees + Ornament

And much more!

Have a great weekend! We can't wait to see what you're working on for Christmas in July!

Stumbles & Stitches: Christmas in July 2012


  1. EEEKs! I can't wait for next week!! I am a beekeeper and I have to make one of those adorable bee hives!!!!

  2. Are you aware that your blog is really awful to negotiate if you are in windows explorer as your browser.. It has a mind of it's own and won't scowl down or moves up or down at will. Terrible. You need the patience of a saint.

    I spent ages downloading the free fa la la felt ornaments which are lovely. That said after all that I can't make them unless I want to take out a mortgage. For one little ornament I need to pay at the library to have the template enlarged (that put me off the book straight away. Why do I have to pay twice for the patterns - that's what you get a book for!). Then you need to buy a hole punch plus you also need to buy some spray starch. They are beginning to look out of my price range. Not cheap is it? I think I will buy some after all that!

    1. Thank you for the feedback. I'm sorry you've encountered issues while browsing.

      I just tried seeing the blog on IE a few minutes ago and it loaded fine for me. Are the photos perhaps too large and slowing down your browser? Sites load more slowly for me on IE than on Firefox. That being said, I am able to scroll up and down, etc, just fine. Perhaps other readers can chime in if they've encountered similar issues so we can pinpoint the cause.

      If you encounter further issues when browsing ours or other blogspot blogs though, you may want to contact Blogger, as they handle the technical side of things for this platform.


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