Friday, June 22, 2012

Link Love: Fun Stuff

Happy weekend! Where has the week gone?!

I've had a really productive streak lately but no chance to go through my project photos yet. I hope to share some things with you next week! In the meantime, there's so much fun stuff happening out there on the internets...

- I posted about the Short On The Line sew-along this morning. Check it out and sign up if you haven't yet! I am excited to make some shorts for my little dudes.

- We just welcomed a new sponsor: Sew Well Maide. We'll do a proper introduction very soon. In the meantime, please check out Karen's shop on Etsy, full of original quilt patterns and handmade items. You can like her on Facebook too!

I love discovering blogs written by local Seattle peeps. Here are some of my favorite latest discoveries:

- Jenelle over at Echinops & Aster never fails to wow me with her impeccable modern patchwork! Check out this assortment of blocks:

January - June / Craftsy BOM
Photo from Echinops & Aster

- I found Sarah and her blog Becoming Gezellig when she left a comment on one of my posts! She is an excellent writer who shares recipes, flower photos, crafty shenanigans and more.

Photo from Becoming Gezellig

- I discovered Elegantitus via Keli at Drygoods Design Online. Elegantitus is the sewing blog of Cassie, a super talented, hilarious, tattooed, swearing, quilting Seattleite. She seems to be taking a bit of a bloggy break right now, but put her on your reader for later!

Photo from Elegantitus

More link love for this week:

- Whip Up continues to feature provoking and inspiring essays in the creativity guest series. I've loved reading all these! Some recent favorites: Blair Stocker's post about her creative process and Lara Cameron's essay about stepping out of the rat race. (Did you see our post about nature and the creative process?)

Love these new Etsy finds:

- The Fox In The Attic: handmade and embroidered soft toys and pincushions!

- Decoy Lab: amazing laser cut bamboo clocks! I LOVE this flower pot one:

Photo from DecoyLab on Etsy

- Foxtail Creek Studio: unbearably cute felted scenes!

I'll stop here. My husband is hovering nearby with a beer in his hand, making fun of how many "links" I'm "loving". And that we're not "street" anymore. Whatever that means... It's going to be a long weekend. ;)

Have a great one! If you have some favorite blogs and shops, please share in the comments!

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  1. so many peeps in this post the i love!! Karen is the dearest of all dears, Cassie is hysterical and talented, and Jenelle's work is stunning :)


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