Friday, June 8, 2012

Inspired by Nature

Dear readers,

Today we'd like to introduce a new series that will be ongoing on Stumbles & Stitches: Inspired by Nature!

Inspired by Nature BANNER

This new series will be off to an exciting start with a guest post on Whip Up tomorrow! Please check in. We can't wait to hear what you think!

Nature is ever present in our lives and environment. Angel and I find ourselves drawn to it for inspiration in our projects, both consciously and unconsciously, and want to share more of this process with each other. In our home lives and the way we raise our families, we strive to be respectful of the Earth, conscious of the natural world, and mindful of the Seasons. In our creative endeavors, through our choice of materials and subject matter, we find ourselves connected to and Inspired by Nature.

In this series, we will share projects with each other (and with you!) that are representative of this push to connect further with Nature in our creative process. We hope to inspire you as well, to connect with your natural environment and let it guide your creative life and projects.

The Inspired by Nature series will be ongoing, which means you can expect regular posts through the next weeks and months focused on this theme. There will be posts and projects by us of course, but also guest posts, interviews, tutorials and more. We plan on sketching and drawing more too, so get out your sketchbook and join us!

Inspired by Nature BUTTON

We've created a button for this series. Feel free to grab and share it! Please share your own projects that are inspired by Nature on your blog and link back! We hope you'll also post photos in our Inspired by Nature Flickr pool. Finally, if you have a project or guest post to contribute to this series, we'd love to know. Please submit it at stumblesstitches [at] ymail [dot] com.

We're so excited to get this rolling, and can't wait to hear what you all think!


  1. very cool!!! what a fun idea!! and a perfect way to connect and get outside with nature!! i look forward to seeing what you guys share...always looking for more ideas!

  2. I love this idea! Nature is definitely my number one inspiration. I can't wait to see what you come up with and to be inspired myself.


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