Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Inspired By Nature: In the backyard

Angel: Goldenrod

Here's some inspiration from my garden, in the area that's planted with lots of flowers beneficial insects like. I'm hoping to do something with these images, soon! Maybe some embroidery. And that goldenrod up there is destined for some dyeing, once it gets a bit bigger.

Angel: Bird Bath and Insect Pond

Angel: Wildflowers

Angel: Purple wildflower

Any chance you know what this purple flower, or the white one above might be? These are new ones from a butterfly mix I planted, and I have been too lazy to look it up. How is your garden holding up with the cool temperatures?

Readers, how about you? What's growing in your garden, or in your immediate environment? We'd love to see, so please share any photos you might have!


  1. Gorgeous flowers! We are moving next week to a place with actual, real water and can't wait to see flowers again. Right now, we are feeling blessed to have enough rain that we've got a little bit of grass and green leaves on the trees.

  2. Your garden looks beautiful!! The white flower is queen anne's lace and I think the purple flower is pincushion flower?...Our gardens are doing well, not many flowers yet...but they are getting there. We are starting to some tiny peas and tomatoes in our vegetable garden. And, we have been watching some birds nests in our backyard too!! :) Here is just one of my recent garden posts about some bird houses... http://buzzmills.typepad.com/blog/2012/06/beautiful-weekend.html

  3. The white is called Ammi Majus and the purple is Scabious, otherwise known as pincushion flower. How very apt!!

    1. So funny, I have never even thought of the fact that Queen Anne's Lace wasn't the flowers actual name, even with the science girl in me it never occurred to me!! Thanks, now I know!! :)

    2. Yeah but Queen Anne's Lace is exactly how it looks. I think it's a beautiful name ;)

  4. beautiful. And did you make the thick trellis / teepee thing visible near the saucer bath...near the bee balm and buddleia? If so, teach me!

  5. oooh, beautiful! Isn't the white Queen Anne's lace? I used to love picking them as a kid. No, cold here, ( I wish) only HOT!

  6. Love your photos. Thanks so much for sharing them...The white looks like Queen Anne's Lace. I do not know what the purple is. I am so enjoying your photos, and cannot imagine the joy you have at being able to look at these flowers whenever you want to. (I am in northern Florida, and it is hard to find any wildflowers, or flowers, that grow well in this heat. Fortunately our herbs are growing...)


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