Monday, June 4, 2012

Happy Monday!

Jenny, are you recovering from your travels? I saw the photo of Ben on FB, passed out in the middle of the day from jetlag. Poor thing! Is Henry still teething?

Nature Sketch (Angel): Red Shouldered Hawk 

I had a few hours of time to myself yesterday afternoon, and sat down to sketch a Red Shouldered Hawk. There is a nest of them close by, I hear them at least once a day, sometimes more! Lee thought it was a different type of hawk, so I did some research online and in our nature guides to be sure, matching the call was the easiest way to go. There is something so comforting about knowing more about my natural surroundings and animal neighbors, with the (over)abundance of information available online now it's nice to just settle down and take a look around in your own backyard.

 Garlic Scapes from Angel's garden 

I harvested some garlic scapes from the garden too, I wish I'd had these when you were here! They seemed to appear overnight. (Ask that gourmet husband of yours what I should do with these, ok?)

I would wear this every day.... 

I scored at the thrift store this weekend, this super cute Gap dress was one of the things I found. The pants are Patagonia, they have bleach stains and paint on them but they are still comfortable and cute. I just have to wear stuff that can get ruined when I am in "radical homemaker" mode, and that is about 75% of the time, but I don't want to look unpresentable (by my standards) if someone stops by (which I'd like to encourage especially this summer). I've separated my clothes into "working at home" clothes and "in public" clothes so that I don't ruin the nicer clothes I have, since I will walk right out into the garden in a pair of wedge heels and a skirt and get filthy almost instantaneously. Would a dress like this be hard to make? I'll take closer up photos if you think it would help decipher. The way the skirt is cut is interesting, the drape is nice! 

What are you up to this week? Hope you are hanging in there, talk to you soon!

Readers do you have any favorite garlic scape recipes? What unidentified (but frequently seen) wildlife do you have in YOUR backyard?


  1. Hi Angel! I LOVE your sketches, you are so talented! (I am terrible at drawing animals and am always impressed by a good sketch!)

    Those garlic scapes are so beautiful. Tangled like that, they look like a work of art. I will ask Kevin his recommendations for how to cook them.

    I love that dress! And the pants too! I hear you on the public vs work-at-home clothing, I should do the same. It's funny, we had a family outing to the thrift store over the weekend too and scored some clothes, shoes and books (more on that soon!).

    We're slowly getting back into a groove -- a little forcefully this Monday morning with the hubby back at work... Those poor kids have had a rough time with the 2-hour jetlag. It's so weird, I remember the 7-hour difference with Europe having been a breeze 3 years ago.

    I miss you guys and our family and friends in TN so much. But it's also nice to be home and able to work on projects (after I finish this mountain of laundry....).

  2. Garlic scape pesto is my favorite way to eat garlic scapes (if you still have them around--I'm coming late to this!). Good for pasta, pizza, etc., but the garlic flavor is also mild enough that you can also just spread it on a cracker and top with a bit of cheese. Yum!

    1. Thank you for this info, I have a garden full.

  3. Making garlic scape pesto tonight!


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