Monday, May 14, 2012

Link Love: Feather Your Nest Edition!

Hi Angel!

I hope you had a lovely Mother's Day. I have been mostly off-line for nearly a week and it feels so good! The weather here has been spectacular and after all the crazy busy-ness of Feather Your Nest, it's been so nice to unplug -- both the computer and the sewing machine -- and spend time outdoors with my family! It is in the mid-70s today, with a bright beautiful sun up high in the sky. Just wonderful.

I do have some projects to share with you and will be back on a regular posting schedule very soon. Today, I want to take a minute to focus on some of our Feather Your Nest participants. It's such fun to organize these series and "meet" the amazing people who participate. Last year, I discovered several blogs through our Spring Runner Sew-Along, including the inspiring Heartbreak Homestead written by our winner Hannah. This year with Feather Your Nest, I was amazed by the fabulous blogs and shops of our participants.

Here is a small selection. If you'd like to see more, please go browse the Feather Your Nest Flickr pool and click on the links shared under the photos! SO MUCH to check out and such inspiration!!


First off, our big winner Jane of Buzzmills has a great blog! Do yourself a favor and pay her a little visit. She shares all kinds of creative projects from kid crafts to upcycled projects and sewing experiments.

Svetlana of s.o.t.a.k. handmade submitted her lovely Happy Corner for Feather Your Nest and her blog is full of beautiful modern quilts and patchwork with bold colors.

Jenelle, the talented gal behind Echinops & Aster, submitted two incredible pillows to our contest: Hello Spring Cushion and "Have a Hoot" Embroidered Owl Cushion. I've really enjoyed browsing through the gorgeous and crisp modern projects on her blog. And, I might get to meet this lovely lady soon (if I ever get around to answering my email... Sorry Jenelle!!) since she lives in Seattle!

Australian blogger Kristin shares her creative projects on Pritty Things. For Feather Your Nest, she made the popular Doily Cushion (and shares a tutorial here) and one of my personal favorites, this great zigzag quilt using a vintage floral sheet.

The Eternal Thread
Photo from The Eternal Thread

Rachelle of The Eternal Thread made the Square Inch Pillow and Circle Up Cushion, two very admired projects in the Feather Your Nest competition. Her blog is delightful, I dare you to visit and not crack a smile.

Photo from Cut.Sew.Iron.Repeat

Jenny of Cut.Sew.Iron.Repeat has been a friend of Stumbles & Stitches for quite some time. I am always impressed by her quilt projects! Check out this awesome Story Book Village baby quilt. She made a pillow for her adorable son and an upcycled quilt stocking for Feather Your Nest.

Amy of Form*Work won our random draw for Prize 3. Amy is a mom and architect who fills her blog with original creative projects ranging from sewing to screenprinting and recipes. Amy made the beautiful upcycled bird on a branch pillow for the contest.

I knew that Janet, owner of Felt on the Fly, had great taste based on the beautiful color stories in her shop, but I discovered that she was also a skilled sewist with a blog to boot! She made the amazing Falling Leaves Pillow and the equally aesthetic embroidery folder for the competition.

Fabric Paper Thread

On Fabric Paper Thread Lorrie who lives on Vancouver Island, BC (hi from across the water!) creates with fabric, paper, thread, food and words. She submitted the scrappy postage stamp pillow and ocean-inspired table runner to the contest.

Visit more Feather Your Nest participants:

Helen at Corduroy Corner
Clare at Clare's Craft Room
Dina at Createlivity
Sarah at Sew Now We Are Four
Katie at Mommy Repeat
Natski at Stitched by Miss N
Susan at So-Sue
Mary at Mary's Meanderings
Sunny Sewing

What were some of your favorite blog and Etsy shop discoveries through the Feather Your Nest competition? Did some of the projects submitted inspire you to make your own version? I'd love to know, please share in the comments!


  1. Thanks for the shout out. I love looking through the Flickr pool at all the great projects.

    Waving hi across the strait!

  2. Thanks Jenny!! I have even finally started a blog... Wowee, look at me go exploring this new land!

  3. Aww thanks Jenny:). I just loved participating in the Feather your Nest series, it was fantastic!

  4. Thanks for mentioning me and my blog! I had a lot of fun with the contest, getting to see all of the great entries, and (super bonus!) having the chance to discover your blog and become a new follower (thanks Maureen for sending me over!). No worries about the e-mail either! We'll have to get together soon though. :)

  5. Great post, like always! I am very much impressed with your work..

  6. Thanks for all the comments, ladies! I am so glad you enjoyed this little round-up.

  7. Oh, thanks again for the inspiration and now for sharing my blog as well!!! And, for sharing all of these other great blogs...looking forward to checking them all out!!! It was all so much fun...oh and BTW, happy Birthday to Angel!! :)

  8. Jenny, thank you so much for mentioning me. What a fun surprise! And it was such a fun contest, too. As far as inspiration, I would so love to make Daisy and Jack's paper pieced clock. I've had a broken clock in my laundry room for a long time, and that would be the perfect project.

  9. Jane and Rachelle, you're welcome! I've really enjoyed discovering your blogs through this event. I'm so glad you guys had fun, we sure did!

    I love that clock too! Such a great idea.


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