Monday, May 7, 2012

Feather Your Nest: Judges' Choice!

Do you hear the drum roll...? It's time to announce the big winner of our Feather Your Nest competition: the one project selected by our 10 judges in a thoughtful and challenging nominating and rating process.

And the winner is...

Recycled Paper Bird Mobile by Jane of Buzzmills!

Feather your Nest entry, Recycled paper bird mobile

Congratulations Jane!!

Jane made this bird mobile with paper from her recycling bin. Birds were cut from paper and then stitched together with the sewing machine. Fun, whimsy and decoration -- this mobile is an upcycled home run! Jane blogged about it here. (If you don't know her blog, please check out Buzzmills!)

This project is a perfect example of the clever ideas exhibited in this competition, and how stitched and repurposed does not have to include fabric! The shape of the birds, the choices of prints on paper, and the overall flow of the mobile -- making it look as if a flock of birds is flying by the window -- made this project a winner.

Jane submitted a total of 5 projects in the Feather Your Nest competition and impressed us with her skill, aesthetic and productivity. Check them out! (And scroll down for details on Prize 1.)

Feather your nest Entry, Recycled/Upcycled Bean Can Scrappy Windsock Feather your nest entry, up cycled old jeans top to a fabric bucket Feather your nest entry, up cycled valence to a fabric bucket Feather Your nest entry, old bath towel rag rug

* * *

Now that we've announced our 3 winners, we hope you will ALL pat yourselves on the back. The competition was fierce and our judges had a heck of a time.

We asked them to first make 3 nominations, which brought our semi-finalist tally to 20 projects. They then rated their 5 favorites with points from 5 to 1. Their criteria for judging were how well the project met the contest requirements, along with overall originality, craftsmanship and creativity, and that general "wow" factor.

When we tallied the numbers, the top 10 were extremely close. Here are the amazing other 9 finalists!

Feather Your Nest ENTRY  Scissor Clutch Feather Your Nest ENTRY - Spike and Pumpkin's Cat House Feather your Nest {my happy corner}

Feather Your Nest Entry: Circle Up Cushion Feather Your nest entry, old bath towel rag rug "Have a Hoot" Embroidered Owl Cushion (Feather Your Nest ENTRY)

FeatherYourNestENTRY - Falling Feathers Pillow feather your nest entry-ironing board cover-stephanie s. Feather Your Nest Entry - quilter's clock

Scissor Clutch - Cat house - My Happy Corner - Circle up Cushion - Old Bath Towel Rag Rug - Have a Hoot" Embroidered Owl Cushion - Falling Feathers Pillow - Ironing board cover - Quilters Clock

Fabulous job, everyone!! We are so impressed by your talent and beautiful projects!

* * *

Our lucky winner Jane will receive Prize 1:

$150 gift certificate from Fat Quarter Shop


A surprise half-yard bundle in aqua and grey fabrics from Drygoods Design Online (or $75 gift certificate)

drygoods bundle

5 books from Lark Crafts: Stash Happy Applique by Cynthia Shaffer, Hand in Hand by Jenny Doh, Crochet Garden by Suzann Thompson, Heart-Felt Holidays by Kathy Sheldon and Amanda Carestio, as well as one of our favorites: Sewn by Hand by Susan Wasinger.

prize photo 2

Feather Your Nest artwork from Jenny Bartoy ~ Handmade Designs, fabric applique on upcycled burlap, 8 x 8 inches

Feather Your Nest artwork

Congratulations Jane! Look for an email from us later today.

* * *

A HUGE thank you to our judges and prize sponsors!!!!!!!!!

And an even HUGER thank you to ALL OF YOU who participated in our Feather Your Nest competition and came to visit this past month for our home-focused series. We had so much fun and hope you did too!


  1. OH MY GOODNESS OH MY GOODNESS OH MY GOODNESS!!! Hooray! Thanks so much!! I am beyond thrilled!! :) Thanks again for getting me motivated and inspired Jenny and Angel!!!

  2. Congratulations to Jane!
    I did love her bird mobile, beautiful project for spring and clever idea.


  3. Congratulations to Jane! The bird mobile was such a cute project :)
    Congrats to the other finalists and thanks to all the sponsors for the wonderful prizes.
    Big thanks to Jenny and Angel for hosting such a fun and inspiring challenge :)

  4. Congrats to all the winners and thanks to Jenny and Angel for organizing this great contest!

  5. Thanks again, I seriously feel so honored!!! And, ps...if anyone is interested in making one of their own...I added a bird template to my post today!

  6. Congrats Jane...your entry was such a cute project! You must be sew excited! Thanks for the bird template! I must give it a try!! [Scissor Clutch entry from TheSewistHeart}

  7. congratulations Jane - very cute birds - I'll have to make some for my sewing room window now :)

    and thanks to Jenny and Angel for organising the contest - I got some projects done that I've been thinking about for a while and its been a great experience to get involved :)

  8. Yay Jane. I loved, loved, loved your recycled bird mobile :-D congratulations!!!


  9. Well done Jane--it is a lovely mobile, and when I get mine done I will post a pic!

    Thanks to Jenny and Angel too--this was an awesome (inaugral?) contest!

    1. Yay, looking forward to seeing it!! :)


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