Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Feather Your Nest: Adventures in iDyeing

Good morning, Jen!

I am finally sitting down to share my adventures in dyeing, I'm afraid that this month Feather Your Nest has meant things like "put the light switch covers back on so that nobody gets electrocuted" and "clean out the chicken coop STAT so these stinky chicks can move out of my kitchen" more often than not. But, I did accomplish a few things, including conquering my fear of using dye! Today I'll show you the results, and I'll share more about my experience using iDye in a separate post later this week.

You might remember, I had a bunch of plain tab top curtains, 100% cotton. Some were left over from before, and some were from a friend. We busted our budget on the remodel, and I just can't spring for new, premade curtains or enough fabric to make new curtains myself. I researched a ton of options before deciding to try dyeing. These curtains are all too short, so my next project will be deciding how to lengthen them. I'm also going to raise the curtain rod, above the window frame.

Anyway, this is the window in the front room, to the left when you walk in.


Angel: Dyeing with iDye

After: Dyed with iDye in Chartreuse.

Angel's Nest: iDye Chartreuse curtains

Angel's Nest: Dyeing Curtains with iDye

Simple tie back made from a strip of felt! I plan to explore this idea a little more,  I like the way it looks but need something a little more permanent. I am so, so happy with the chartreuse! One of my favorite colors, and the dye worked wonderfully.

Angel's Nest: Curtains

Here is another set of windows in the front, there are four total:


Angel's Nest: Front curtains

Angel's Nest: Dyeing with iDye

After: I used iDye in Turquoise for these, in person they are more true to shade.

Angel's Nest: Dyeing curtains with iDye

Angel's Nest: Curtains dyed with iDye in Turquoise


In this photo you can see the Kei fabric I used for temporary curtains for the large built in window, the chartreuse looks really pretty with it!



What do you think? As I mentioned above, this is just a temporary solution, we needed something to cover the windows right away when we moved back in, and I couldn't bear the plain curtains any longer. I think I'm partial to the chartreuse, aren't you?

I am thinking about dyeing four more plain curtains chartreuse (I have two here already, so only two more to find!) adding some of the awesome new Bella fabric from Lotta Jansdotter (hurry UP already and ship!) to the larger windows. I have plans for the already dyed turquoise curtains once they've been replaced, I'll be sure to share when I finish.

Readers, have you ever "upcycled" plain tab top curtains? I'd love to hear how in the comments!

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  1. They really came out nicely and the dyes give them a natural look.
    I have some curtains that i love, but the sun got to them, so want to redye them, would love to know more about dyes and what is the best to use and how they work.


  2. Angel, I think the chartreuse looks awesome. I'm so glad you went for it. It is such a rich color and complements the light grey walls quite well. Can't wait to hear/see more about your adventures in dyeing (and find out what you're going to make with the turquoise curtains!!).


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