Friday, April 6, 2012

Little Miss Mason Jars (Free Download from Lark Crafts)

Happy Friday!

If you need a cute and simple project to do over the holiday weekend, here's an adorable pattern from the brand new book Stash Happy: Appliqué by Cynthia Shaffer. Our friends at Lark Crafts have generously offered a free download for you guys for our Feather Your Nest series!

Little Miss Mason Jars (pattern from Stash Happy: Appliqué)

Download the PDF pattern here.

What a fun way to organize crafting supplies and other small knick-knacks! How about making your own version of this sweet project and entering it in the Feather Your Nest contest?

Thank you Lark Crafts for sharing this pattern with us!

Feather Your Nest is a month-long series here on Stumbles & Stitches focused on making things for our own homes. Along with featuring patterns, projects and guest posts, we're also having a sew/stitch-along and contest with amazing prizes! Make something for your own nest and get a chance to win. Check out all the details and sign up HERE. Have a lovely weekend!


  1. I just found Little Miss Mason Jars today - so cute! I tried to download the free pdf pattern from Lark but the link above doesn't work. Is the pattern still available for download? Your blog is amazing - I'm adding it to the blogs I follow. Thanks!

  2. Hello! Thanks for stopping by, we do hope to see you around on the blog!

    Did you click on the "Lark Crafts" link, or the "Download the PDF here" link? Let us know! It is working for me......--angel

  3. It is fantastic. Great and beautiful idea. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Love this!!!!!! I also tried clicking on the download the PDF here. And it's not working :( anywhere else I can find it?

  5. Gretchen, I just checked the link from my computer and it is working ok. Are you getting an error message? Mine uses Adobe Reader to open the PDF, not sure on your system what the software would be.....

  6. Hi Gretchen, I just tried the download and it works fine for me. I wonder what the problem is... Do you have Adobe PDF reader? Does your browser allow pop-ups? Those are the 2 things I can think of. You may want to try and right-click on the link and choose "open in new tab"... Let me know!

  7. i do have adobe and yes allows pop-ups. the link is not highlighted at all it just looks like it is apart of the text. when i run my mouse over it nothing changes.

  8. are you sure you don't have it locked or something? you may be the only one with the ability to link to it because you edit the website. just thought :) thank you for your help

    1. I guess that would make sense if the PDF was linked through our blog platform, but it is hosted on a public Google site platform (separate altogether from the blog or our personal accounts). Also, we've had tons of downloads of this PDF so it seems to work for a lot of people.

      The fact that you can't see the link on the word "here" makes me think something is wrong with Blogger, or your browser's compatibility with Blogger. Wouldn't be the first time.

      Here is the direct link to the PDF:

      Does that work for you? Fingers crossed! Let us know.

  9. got it!!!!! :) YAY!!!!! thank you so much for your help!!!!! love your site and have added it to my favs!!! :) happy friday!

  10. Yippeee! Glad you asked, we are always, always glad to help!

  11. Yay! Glad it worked for you Gretchen. Thanks for the kind words and see you "around". ;)

  12. Hi Jenny,

    I love those cute jars! Thanks for sharing !I loved this blog :)
    I'll be glad if you visit mine.

    Hugs from Portugal
    Ana Lopes

  13. Really cute idea! My jars won't be naked after this weekend.

  14. This would be even cuter with the pin cushion top on the mason jars too!! Adorable and a great gift for the people in your life that sew. Thank you


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