Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Feather Your Nest: Inspiration From The Archives

It seems we all need a little motivation to get rolling with Feather Your Nest! (If you haven't yet, check out our announcement and the details for participating in the contest, and *sign up*!!) I thought I would dig up some good projects and tutorials from our archives to give us a little kickstart. We'll also gather inspiration from favorite blogs around the web soon.

Here they are. Click on the project name to go to the post.

Tutorial: Pot Holders
Everyone needs them in their kitchen! They come in so handy and are so fast to make. You can personalize them with favorite fabrics, some scrappy patchwork, and funky quilting lines. You can see other examples here.

Jenny: Pot Holder

Fabric Baskets
Great containers that are fast to make in various sizes and can match any room or decor.

Jenny: More Baskets

Placemats and Napkins
Another everyday item! Simple to whip up and a fun opportunity to coordinate favorite fabrics you'll want to see at mealtime.

Jenny: Placemats and Napkins

Tutorial: Charming Baby Quilt
Super easy baby quilt that is large enough to be a throw for the couch. So fun to make and easy on the wallet since you only need a charm pack and minimal yardage.

Tutorial: Charming Baby Quilt

Mug Rug With Kid Drawing
Involve your kids in Feather Your Nest and make some mug rugs! Those come in handy all. the. time.

Jenny: Mug Rug with Kid Drawing

Spring Burlap Art
Make some applique artwork for your walls and bring a little Spring indoors!

"Spring Is In The Air" Burlap Art

Pillows and More Pillows!
Make some pretty pillow covers. 'Nuff said. (Stay tuned for a couple of snazzy pillow tutorials coming soon from some crafty guests...)

Jenny: Pillows

Jenny: Hexagon Pillow

And if you were thinking of making a table runner for the Feather Your Nest contest, check out the finalists in our Spring Runner Sew-Along last year! There is some fantastic inspiration right there.

There is more but I'll stop here for now!!

Note: Angel, I know you're still working on re-uploading your project photos to Flickr since the big deletion fiasco. So much work! Our readers will probably notice some of your old posts are broken links right now. Let's add some of your projects here as well when things are back up and running!

* * *

Have you signed up yet? Go to the Feather Your Nest launch post and leave a comment to join. There are some fabulous prizes at stake, plus you get to make something for your own home! We can't wait to see what you'll create.


  1. OMG I was waffling about participating in the feather your nest sew along, but those fabric baskets grabbed me. I am SO making some!

    1. Yay! So glad you like them and are joining the fun. :)


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