Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Feather Your Nest: Angel's To Do List

Hey Jenny! I loved looking at your to do list, I want to make every single project you linked to! I decided to follow suit, and went through the house making a list of my own.

Living Room:
  • pillows for couch. I have a few Kei prints that will work with both the red couch we have now and the couch we plan to replace it with (the same one you have in your living room!)
  • curtains. I have ten natural cotton tab top panels that fit the windows and I'm committed to using mostly what I have on hand, so we'll see what I come up with. I have a Pinterest board started just for curtains, I'd love to see any links you might find, in the comments!
  • frame and hang photographs and artwork.
Dining Room:
  • curtains. See above.
  • frame and hang photographs and artwork. 
  • napkins. Gathering old men's shirts (and a few of Ian's old button downs, too!) to make the pattern from Sewn By Hand!
  • seat cushions. Our chairs are great, but the wicker part is coming loose. Temporary solution? Make some cushions!
Office/study/all purpose room:
  • hey, I need a mouse pad too!
  • curtains for double wide, multi pane window over a built in cabinet. I'll likely purchase a print for this window, it is recessed from the others so I don't think it has to be exactly the same.
  • paint inside of built in, remove doors (?). Fun contact paper?
  • Organization: shelves hung, baskets made (definitely Maya's! I've still got that burlap you gave me ages ago), message center created 
Kitchen (Pinterest board here, feel free to contribute pins!):
  • curtain for window. I have a really cute chicken print that has some orange in it that I plan to use, I think it will look great with our new lights. 
  • towels. Thinking about flour sack for these, not sure yet!
Laundry room:
  • guess what? curtains! 
  • 3 large laundry bags and hooks to hang them on.
Kid's room (I started a Pinterest board for this, too!:
  • quilts for top and bottom bunks
  • you guessed it: curtains!
  • owl bunting
  • star/planet mobile
  • hang shelves in closet and above dresser.
  • find new dresser! 
There are about a blue million other things we have to do now that we're moved back in, but none of them even remotely relate to Feather Your Nest. I'm thinking curtains will be the top of my list, I don't know if I'll even get anything else done! Fabric baskets and laundry bags are pretty high up there too.

Stay tuned for more photos and links! I have to go clean out the chicks' temporary house in the kitchen and tend to a mountain of dishes that has plagued me since Easter weekend......

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    1. It's so fun to read your list too. I'm glad to see I'm not the only one who has ambitious plans, ha!

      So, tell me, how do I pin stuff on your Pinterest boards?? I've never done that before.

      Also, owl bunting?... Sounds so cute! Do you have a specific idea in mind? Can't wait to find out more.


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