Thursday, April 19, 2012

Dear Jenny, wish you were here:

Jen, I wanted to show you what's been going on around here the last few weeks. Ready for a quick recap?


So you know we moved back into our house on April 1, my stress level went down by about half once I was back in my own home! The whole process was as painless as it possibly could have been (unless we'd won the lottery first, or had a secret benefactor paying for everything) but I really, really missed this house. Can you tell in the picture up there that the staircase replaced the French Door opening that used to be between those two rooms? All three front rooms are basically one, large room now!



We also added these sweet chicks to the family (thank you Easter Bunny!), it seemed crazy to bring one more thing to take care of into the mix, but we've wanted more hens for the last few years so we took the leap! They are so funny, and are healthy and growing like crazy. This weekend we'll get the coop cleaned out and bleached, the older chicks are almost ready to transition outside!





Lots going on in the garden, too! Strawberries, asparagus, chard, blackberries and much more already out there! (How is your container garden coming?) I bought a small, inexpensive plastic green house from Big Lots in February, it's not a long term solution but it is working great so far! Lots of tomatoes, greens and other seedlings ready to put out once this crazy weather calms down a bit.

Pottery collection

Kitchen opening

One of my favorite things we did was create an opening to the kitchen, it has changed the feel of the whole house! I am trying to set up little "vignettes" of pretty amidst the mess, we still have painter's tape up and piles all over the floor from moving.


Another favorite area is this "staircase nook", we took out the doorway that used to be here and drywalled over it, creating a little space for the desk and a small set of shelves underneath the stairs. It needs some organizational help, but it's working great so far even if it is a mess!

Built in

Lee also started stripping the paint down to the original wood on our built in cabinet, it looks so much better already! It had thick layers of peeling white paint on it, I couldn't believe that the wood was in such good shape. I'll be sure to show you pictures when it's actually done!


In other news, Silas decided to skip his naps quite a bit the last few months. Sometimes he is fine, sometimes he falls asleep while he's eating his spaghetti. Ian is almost seven, and has the most adorable gap between his front two teeth (he doesn't want his picture posted).

I also received my iDye from Dharma Crafts yesterday, wish me luck! I am not sure this is going to be as easy as I thought, with a front loading washing machine. But I'm going to give it a go!

What are you up to this week? I can't wait to see the Marrimeko project you're working on!


  1. Love those stairs!! And that giant window!!!! And that nook!!

  2. The house looks wonderful all opened up like that.


  3. AAAAAAAAH! I don't know what else to say. It looks amazing!! I love the openness.

    All the pictures are just great. And the chickies, and the garden, and, and... I wish I were there too, I could help you organize stuff and paint, etc.

    I love me some Silas. He is too cute and that photo is priceless. Give him, Ian and Lee a big squeeze from me and all of my boys here!

    By the way, you may see me SOON... We're talking travel plans at the moment. I'll keep you posted!! xoxo


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