Saturday, April 14, 2012

Feather Your Nest: IKEA Organization Finds

Hi Angel! I hope you're having a good weekend so far. Can't wait to see what you're up to with those curtains. I know you've got a whole bunch of ideas in the works for Feather Your Nest!

As I mentioned to you in my drive-by morning email, I spent some time at IKEA yesterday. We're very lucky to have a store 25 minutes from our house! I had two reasons for going: returning a wall shelf that was not the right fit for a space in our kitchen, and getting more fabric for my dining room chair pads (more on that soon, hopefully).

Of course, we ended up spending a few hours there, including eating lunch in the restaurant (Ben begged me for meatballs every two seconds starting in the parking garage). And of course I got more than just fabric. I stayed quite reasonable, but I did drool over a bunch of stuff.

Since we are working on sprucing up our homes -- and our awesome readers are joining in the fun this month! -- I thought I would share some of my super budget-friendly and swoon-worthy finds at IKEA yesterday, geared toward organization and getting things in shape around the house.

RÅSKOG Kitchen cart, turquoise $49.99

Honestly, there could have just been ONE item in this post. I have not been able to get it out of my mind! This is a new item at IKEA and I nearly fell over from the cuteness when I saw it. I seriously debated purchasing it, but there is no space or purpose for it in my home right now. But oh, I. LOVE. IT.

It's sold along with the other kitchen carts, but you could store craft supplies, bathroom towels and toiletries, pots and plants and gardening supplies, the options are endless. The vintage design is adorable and it's a perfect size.

Okay, moving on to more rational and cheaper organization picks...

RATIONELL VARIERA Shelf insert, white $5.99

You can't really see this very well in the picture unfortunately, but this shelf insert is metal and features lovely petal and dot cut-outs all over the top. It is pretty enough to have out of a cabinet, for example to add surface space to a counter. There is a half-size too, here.

FÖRHÖJA Cutlery tray, birch $6.99

I love this little tray! I bought one for Ben's art supplies a while back and am thinking of getting one for mine too! It's sturdy, fit mason jars perfectly (what we use to store markers, pencils and paint brushes around here) and would be so easy to paint and personalize.

HEAT Trivet, cork $2.99/3 pack

I buy a pack of these trivets pretty much every other visit to IKEA. There are so many uses for them! I have one under every potted plant in my house, since they help protect wood surfaces. You can make mini-bulletin boards with them, use one to support your glue gun so it doesn't burn stuff, and I can think of a bunch more uses.

SLOM Jar with lid, clear glass $2.99-$4.99

These jars rock. We use mason jars for a lot of food storage, but sometimes they're not big enough -- for example, to store flour, beans, etc. These come in several sizes (including quite large), are super convenient, and look great.

KNUFF Magazine file, set of 2, plywood $9.99

I freakin' love these and we have a few sets -- for everything from bills to magazines and construction paper and coloring books. They are so sturdy and very easy to cover with fabric or paper (Mod Podge, baby!). The whole PRANT collection is also full of plywood organizational items that have clean lines and are better quality than the cardboard alternative.

PORTIS Shoe rack, black $24.99

I recently purchased this shoe rack to replace our broken wooden one. It is so reasonably priced for the quality, it's wider than the average shoe rack which I wanted, and it looks quite Pottery Barn-ish. Very happy with it so far!

MYCKET Serving bowl, dark gray $1.49

I just heart those little dishes. They're called "serving bowl" but really, this is a tiny spoon-rest type of dish, in a lovely round tear shape. This small one comes in gray and blue, and is perfect for earrings on the night table, or pins by the sewing machine. The larger one would be such a cute soap dish or knickknack receptacle.

* * *

I hope you like this little round-up of IKEA budget finds! Of course, this company is known for their clever and wallet-friendly offerings, but it's nice to find the nifty stuff that doesn't scream "made in Sweden", you know what I mean? What are your favorite organizational finds at IKEA? Let me know in the comments!

And if you haven't yet, go check out our Feather Your Nest sew/stitch-along competition and sign up! There's still a couple of weeks to get your projects made and submitted. I know we all have things we need to make for our homes!


  1. Oh i have been coveting that cart since i saw someone pin it a while ago....oh that's making me feel like i just need to get to Ikea ASAP now!! :)

  2. I loved your Ikea finds Jenny. We live on an Island and there is no Ikea here but (so excited) for my 30th Birthday later this year I am allowed to take my fathers van over on the boat to Melbourne and load it up!!! I have a list as long as my arm already!!
    I've finished one project for Feather your nest and currently working on another:)

    1. Kristin, I would go CUH-RAZY with my list if I were in your shoes. That is awesome. What a great birthday treat!

      Yay on your Feather Your Nest projects, can't wait to see! Glad you've joined the fun. :)

  3. Hahaha, did you know that Mycket, means Much? How sweet, if it is actually mini! Love the cart, and the color of it. Since I move my studio around, it Would be handy at my house.....

  4. Thanks guys for the comments!

    Seems like that little cart is quite popular. I found out from my friend Keli (of Drygoods Design Online, also our sponsor!) that the turquoise one is already sold out at the Seattle store. But, it also comes in gray -- which she bought for her brand new store.


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