Thursday, March 1, 2012

Maverick Star Pillow

Hi Angel, I hope you're enjoying the morning and not pulling your hair out over all this Flickr trouble (dear readers, you may notice some broken photo links on the blog right now, we cannot figure out what happened and have contacted Flickr to help us out... Cross your fingers for us!). In the meantime, I wanted to show you a few more photos of the pillow I made with the Maverick Star quilt pattern from Pretty in Patchwork: Doll Quilts.

Jenny: Maverick Star Pillow

Pillow covers are so fun and fast to make, and they're a great way to give a room a quick makeover! I like switching out our pillows every so often and make the living room look fresh and new. Since I had just re-upholstered our ottoman, I was on a roll to spruce up that room!

As I mentioned in my book review, I had never made a star block before and was drawn to the Maverick Star pattern because it uses linen as the contrasting solid with the patchwork prints. Inspired by the emerald color scheme of Seattle, I picked cold hues like aqua and chartreuse, one of my favorite combinations.

aqua star 2

aqua star 1

aqua star 3

The project came together super easily. Instead of 8 x 8 inch squares, I used 7 x 7 inch squares so that the resulting quilt top would be the right size to turn into a pillow cover (18 inches wide). The instructions in the book were super clear. My only issue was with seams matching -- no matter how hard I measure, cut carefully and sew while watching the allowance like a hawk, I can never make my seams match. Argh, so frustrating! Anyway, regardless, it turned out nice, I think.

I quilted this block very simply by outlining the star with machine stitches roughly 1/8 inch from the seams between prints and linen. I added an invisible zipper and a backing fabric repurposed from a thrifted table cloth and zoom, it was done. The invisible zipper process is getting easier the more I do it, but I still can't get it quite right. There is always one part of the zipper that is visible (where the zipper pull creates too much bulk for my machine to stitch close enough to the teeth -- any tips for dealing with this issue?).

Jenny: Maverick Star Pillow

Jenny: Maverick Star Pillow

Jenny: Maverick Star Pillow

All in all, I'm happy with it. It's inspiring me to try out more piecing and patchwork techniques and maybe make some fun pillow covers for my shop on Etsy! I could do a whole collection of pillows featuring a different quilt block on the front... Yeah, right, if I find the time...

Jenny: Maverick Star Pillow

(Do you see the pretty flowers I got from my husband for my birthday? Tulips, my favorite!)

Tell me, what is your favorite quilt block to make? Do you like making pillow covers and switching them out like I do, or do you stick with a strict color scheme and decor in your home? Oh, and have you entered the giveaway for Pretty in Patchwork: Doll Quilts and some fabric yet?


  1. I have a hard time with matching up the seams too. I think it will improve with time and practice, but if I worry about it too much, if I have to be TOO perfect, that will get in the way of the creative process. Besides... you are the one who will notice it the most.

  2. great pillow heart belongs to the log cabin.


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