Friday, March 16, 2012

Good morning! (Rambling link love)


Dear Jenny,

I've been up for quite awhile already, drinking coffee and looking for inspiration!

I went on Etsy to see what a quick "garden" search turned up. One of the first things to catch my eye: super cute plant markers from Pretty Paris (what a wonderful shop, check out her wedding flatware! Lovely little touches on her markers too, look at this sweet set!).

I can't spring for a set of spoons made by someone else (but oh man I can't wait until I have a wedding gift to buy! Pretty Paris is on my "favorites" list.) and I've ruined all my metal plant markers. My mind immediately drifted to a bag of old flatware that's hiding in one of the kitchen drawers.

Could I make something like that? I'm sure my handiwork will be far inferior but what a great way to reuse those spoons! Hmmmm, this tutorial from Snickerdoodle Creations does not look that hard. I don't have a metal stamp set, though.

Here's one at Ornamentea (I do love their store!) and I have a little bit of "personal" money saved up that I could use for this. A quick search on Etsy turns up Evie's Tool Emporium, her metal stamping set is around the same price, it's the same set used by Shrimp Salad Circus in another popular tutorial! I'd feel ok buying from either place, both are independent sellers! $20 for something I'll use a lot (I'm wondering, could I make some extras to sell as a fundraiser for the school garden?) seems reasonable.

(See how I talk myself into these things? Oh dear.)

Almost 6 am here, time to get a jump on the day! I hope you have a great weekend. Wish me luck as I brave Trader Joe's on a Friday morning, and spend the weekend painting, cleaning and packing. Only a few more weeks until we move back into our house! I need some major curtain/fabric help, more on that next week.


  1. Oooh do it do it!! It would be so fun to have a garden full of your own stamped spoons and old flatware! I am so curious about metal stamping and hammering (for example jewelry), I would love to try it but since we live in an apartment, I can't really for now. I'll live vicariously through your experiments instead! I think you should buy one of those sets, they're very reasonably priced, and would be a nice tool to have, and something that should be usable in various projects!

  2. Great concept for a blog! I love the interaction!
    Wow! Thank you so much for the shout out! We would love to do business with you! Lindsay, from Shrimp Salad Circus, is wonderful and has done several tutorials for us through the years! We sell tons of stamp sets and love to see all the creative ways they are used!
    Thanks again!

  3. Hey Michelle! Thanks for your comment, your shop is fabulous.


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