Thursday, March 8, 2012

Embroidery On My Mind -- And Some Link Love


Hi Angel! How are you? I bet you are just ready to move back into your house. 3 weeks left with the remodeling, right? Hang in there!

I credit you with rekindling my interest in embroidery last year with the Doodle Stitch Spring Sampler and other projects. I know you're a big fan of hand stitching. I go back and forth, since I do love the speed and neatness of machine stitches. However, for certain things and specific details, you just need a needle in your hand. And once I poke the fabric and pull the needle through, I never fail to find that special and comforting zen that comes with hand work.

Yesterday, Ben skipped his nap, a common occurrence nowadays (and I know, I should consider myself lucky that he napped consistently until past 4 years old!), and he sat with me at the dining room table while I worked. And we both stitched! I set him up with burlap in a hoop, a tapestry needle and floss of his choice and he went to town stitching his name (which I wrote in marker, like I had for Emma). He was so focused, and so engaged -- I loved it! He did comment on how he was better than me at stitching now -- gotta love the competitiveness of boys this age. Sigh.

Jenny: Embroidery

While he was embroidering his name with a rainbow of colors, I was working on re-doing this sheep artwork I completed a couple of months ago. Get this: it was never delivered by the post office, despite delivery confirmation!!! Truly heartbreaking and frustrating -- and infuriating since I forgot to insure it!!! Arrrrgh, lesson learned the hard way. Anyway, I am nearly done, just finishing all the embroidery on it.

Jenny: Embroidery

Meanwhile, this little guy is running around and getting into all the trouble he can:

Jenny: Embroidery

Anyway, all this talk of stitches made me seek out some inspiring embroidery in my Etsy favorites. If you're looking for fabulous out-of-the-box embroidery inspiration, check these out.

September House

Mary's Granddaughter

Fric de Mentol

Sometimes I Swirl

The Merriweather Council

kaftan sarafan

Tell me you don't want to go find a hoop and a needle right this second?! I'm in awe at the creativity that's out there. Truly inspiring.

What catches your eye in the artwork I just posted? Do you have a favorite embroidery artist I didn't show here? If not embroidery, what's your favorite hand work to zone out with? Please share in the comments!


  1. Yea, Ben! Boys who stitch are awesome. I just put a link to this post on my blog. I hope it brings you both a few new fans.

    Best wishes,

  2. Jenny, I am thrilled to see this!! I too have a, just turned four year old, who still sometimes takes a nap...and I am still counting my blessings for this! But, also struggle to find quiet things for her to do while her brother is napping and something that is restful for her as well. I have thought about teaching her finger knitting, but I am not a knitter myself...sooo, but maybe i should try her with some embroidery! Thanks for sharing! :)

  3. Go, Ben! You are awesome my friend. I can't wait to back in my house, indeed. The packing up phase has started (again) and we're itchy to get in there and paint.

    The embroidery inspirations you posted are incredible, I can't wait to visit etsy to learn more about these artists! The french knot hoop is gorgeous!

  4. Im so sorry your package didnt make it :( its super cute!

  5. I love that your son does embroidery! I have been thinking of starting sewing with Gabriel (he's not quite 3) and now you have made me definitely want to do that! I think I will start him with plastic canvas and a plastic needle, though. Sharp needles could be scary right now!

  6. I LOVE your sheep artwork! That is adorable! I'm currently pregnant and I would love pieces like that in her nursery. Thanks for the inspiration!

  7. Thank you all for the kind comments. I was so happy to see how excited Ben was about "stitching". I also love how he didn't even think twice about whether it was a boy or girl activity, he just loved that it was a new, creative activity and that he got to do the same thing I was doing. Kids are awesome.


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