Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Working Away!


Hello there! I can't believe how fast time is flying lately. It's almost the middle of January already, two weeks into the New Year, aah! I've been meaning to post here all week. Well, here I am finally, whew!

I've felt weird about sharing the stuff I make for Etsy or custom work on here, I don't want to turn Stumbles & Stitches into a place for pimping my business. But then I thought, wait, I've always shown Angel and our lovely readers what I'm working on, why is this different? I've been making SO much stuff the last couple of months and am antsy to share it all with you. (For more details on specific projects, you can click over to my website where I post more pics, info, etc. I don't want to double-post for those of you who follow me there.)

Before the holidays, I made a custom e-reader featuring owls for the 10-year-old daughter of a friend. I loved how it turned out and made a couple more for my shop. (I used a pattern by Birdiful Stitches, you can read about my e-reader covers here.)

owl kindle cover 6

kindle cover GREY 1

Before Christmas, I received a custom order from Deia, a long-time reader of Stumbles & Stitches and blogger over on Ducklings in a Row, for 3 Wonky Stripe Table Runners. Two of these feature prints from the Echo line by Lotta Jansdotter. I love those fabrics so much!

grey teal runner 3

brown runner 5

aqua red runner 5

I loved how these turned out and made more for my shop, in Navy and Aqua. (You can read about my table runners here.)

Wonky Stripes Table Runners

Wonky Stripes Table Runners

I got about a week's break over Winter Solstice and Christmas, and then I was right back to work on two custom pieces of artwork: burlap art for a 40th anniversary and fabric art to welcome a baby girl. (You can read more about these here and here.)

Custom artwork for 40th anniversary

Custom Nursery Artwork

Very different styles but I like both of them! I really enjoyed the embroidery portion of both projects, especially.

I think that about rounds up all the "work" stuff I've been doing. Angel, I know you've been busy with custom orders for your shop too. I'm sure I speak for our readers when I say we'd love to see!!

Meanwhile, life goes on. It's been quite a juggling act to throw a new business into our already busy life with two little ones. Ben is back in preschool two mornings a week and loves it as much as ever, Henry is talking up a storm and walking (well, maybe -- he can't decide if crawling is a more efficient use of his time for utmost sneakiness) and I'm busy busy and not sleeping enough (what else is new?!). Hope all is well in Nashville, sweet friend!

Dear readers, how is the New Year treating you so far? If you work from home, especially a handmade business, do you have tips for juggling it all and/or maintaining sanity? Would love to read them in the comments!


  1. Jenny, the navy and white table runner is TO DIE FOR. Oh my. Do you happen to need any custom needle felting done? Ha!

    The sheep canvas is a new direction for you, I really like it! You do a wonderful job of combining fresh and modern fabrics with traditional imagery.

  2. Amazing work, Jenny! You are so talented. xo

  3. Thank you both very much!!! These lovely compliments totally made my morning. :)

  4. Your creations are really lovely. I am a fan of linen in quilts and the way you have used it here. What linen do you use? Thank you!

    1. Hi Diane, thank you for your kind words. I mostly use natural linen and purchase it when/wherever I find it. Sometimes that is Joann, sometimes it's online or a local fabric shop here in Seattle. IKEA also sells a midweight linen that is really textured and nice, it comes in a greyish beige color (very close to natural color) and I've used it in projects for a good contrast with a modern cotton print. The linen used in the sheep artwork is from Joann, for example.


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