Thursday, January 12, 2012

Crafty Resolutions 2012


Greetings, friend! Things are going along swimmingly here, how about you? Finally feeling somewhat settled in the rental space, and excitedly thinking ahead to March (or April) when I will have my own (tiny) studio space upstairs at my house. I actually walked up REAL stairs and onto REAL floor decking last night, and stood right in the spot where my attic dormer "room" will eventually be. As crazy as packing up the entire family to move out for two or three months has been, it will all be worth it in the end!

I've been thinking and thinking about my goals for this year, very specific things (as opposed to broad goals) have come to mind.

WIP: Turning Twenty Quilt

1. Finish this quilt! I have the batting already, and the blocks are sewn. Now to figure out how to sew them together, what the backing will be, etc. I am going to hand quilt it (!) using AMH Needleworks. It's a lightweight, summer quilt (which seems to be three seasons out of the year down here, lately) so I hope to have it done by Spring.


2. Continue learning about dyeing, particularly natural dyes. I have picked up some pretty good books on this topic over the last year, I'll make a note to do a post on that soon! My first foray into natural dyeing (above) was with marigolds from our garden, and the yarn and playsilks turned the most beautiful yellow! I plan to have one garden bed dedicated to dye plants this Spring.

Along the same lines, I want to find a local source for wool roving, so I can start dyeing my own!

Angel: Mushroom house custom order

3. Create special handmade toys from natural materials that are open ended, inspiring to play with and beautiful to look at. (These mushroom houses have been a HUGE hit with the girls that received them over the holidays. More on these soon!)


4. Give back to the craft community by sharing more original tutorials, projects and by networking with and spotlighting fellow artists and crafters. Creating has been my saving grace (so has this blog project, and so have you!) and without the incredible community of fellow "makers" I find online every day I would have been lost.

On a similar note, I want to spend more time engaging the community through blog comments, sew alongs, round ups, Etsy treasuries and social media. (I'm thinking "Felt Week" again for 2012, how about you?)

Craft Space:  Angel

5. Carefully curate and maintain my craft and art supplies, with mindfulness and frugality.

Did I just say "frugal" and "craft supplies" in the same sentence? Ha!

This one applies to many areas of my life, and if I had to pick a theme for the year it would be some amalgamation of "Slow Down/Focus/Use and Take Care of What You Have/Only Buy What You REALLY Love". (This post has taken so long because I have not been able to come up with one word to express my goals for the year! Any ideas?)

With the prospect of a permanent space of my own upstairs, I am starting to brainstorm ways to display and organize all my supplies so that I can see what I have, use what I have and enjoy what I have. I need a very clean, very organized work space and up until now have only had the corner of one room or the other to use. Constantly moving my space has meant lots of plastic bins, wadded fabric and Mason jars full of bits and pieces. Hopefully that will no longer be the case by April or May!

I think five goals will do it! Let me see if I can get my big girl britches on and find a few of my favorite projects from 2011, you know how I loathe talking about myself.


  1. I'm ready for felt whenever you are :)

  2. Angel, I love your goals! Very specific, very doable and wonderful all around. As often, your thoughtful perspective on things makes me feel self-centered by comparison. I love your resolution to connect with and give back to the craft community.

    Can I say how jealous I am (yes, I know it's an ugly feeling, but I really am!) of your brand new studio space?! Can't wait to see photos of the renovation, it sounds so exciting. Stairs!!

    We can work on our quilts in sync, since I am about at the same stage with the wedding quilt for my cousin and must really finish.

    Your word for the year could be "focus". I think it applies to everything you mentioned above. Check this out:

  3. Jenny, you'd better take back that "self centered" comment or I'll be forced to tell everyone the HUNDREDS of times you have supported me, helped me, encouraged me, shared with me and made me laugh.

    (Oh, and I won't go count, but haven't you shared at least a dozen tutorials with our readers since we started this blog? I'm just trying to catch up.)

  4. Aw, you're so sweet. Well if you put it that way, I guess I shouldn't feel too self-centered. But it's funny, your goals are very thoughtful and community-minded, mine are very task-orientend and probably too ambitious. LOL, kind of typical of the two of us. I guess that's why we make a good team. xo


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