Thursday, October 20, 2011

Open For Business!


Hello Angel and friends! Quick post to let you know I am open for business. The shop is launched. Yeehaw!

Jenny Bartoy banner

Here are a few links:
- Etsy shop
- Website
- Facebook page

I hope you'll subscribe and "like" me on Facebook! I'm so nervous about this whole deal, but very excited too.

I have a handful of items listed so far, mostly experimental. We'll call it my "early work" -- lots of lovely birdies and trees. I'm working away (as the kids allow) to crank out more stuff that I hope to list over the next couple of weeks. So please stay tuned! There will be burlap art, fabric art, softies, patchwork items, lots of linen, and kits and patterns to make your own stuff.

Pumpkins will be listed shortly. I also have a fun related post in the works to share with you all a bit later today. I intend to keep on posting and sharing my projects with Angel and you all here on Stumbles & Stitches just as always! Some of it might be shop-related since that's a lot of what I'm working on, but I'll be showing you my inspiration, process and blunders just like normal, ha.

To celebrate the launch of my shop, I am offering a 15% discount off your first purchase. You can read more about it here. Yay!!

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