Sunday, October 23, 2011

Guest Post on Whip Up!


I'm so excited to be featured on Whip Up today with a guest post: a tutorial for making your own birdie burlap wall art!

I know, I know, it's all about the burlap art for me lately with the launch of my Etsy shop. What can I say? I'm a little obsessed. But isn't it pretty? I love how this project turned out!

Jenny Bartoy Handmade Designs: Sneak Peek!

This burlap art is made from an upcycled coffee bag and a mix of colorful fabric scraps. It features two birdies having a conversation across the woods at sunset. It was inspired by my neighbors, who found each other and fell in love despite hailing from Alaska and Mexico respectively. They told me their story in our backyard in Seattle on a lovely day at sunset.

This original piece is listed in my shop now! I am offering a 15% discount off your first purchase with the discount code LAUNCH11 (visit my site here for details).


Go on over to Whip Up to check out the tutorial and make your own burlap art. Thank you Kathreen for inviting Stumbles & Stitches to participate!

Update: I noticed the links to the template aren't working on the Whip Up post and Kathreen is currently traveling. So here is the template (PDF).

Make sure and come back this week, Angel will be posting her version of this project! Can't wait to see what she came up with. Also, if you have photos of your own burlap wall art to share, please post them in our Flickr pool, we'd love to see.

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  1. very cool jenny!i just love this burlap work you are doing!

  2. Thank you Jenny! I really like this piece a lot. I almost don't want to sell it. ;)

  3. Fantastic tutorial at Whip Up, totally easy to follow, even *I* could do it! I'm using your bird template to make more felt Christmas ornaments - you're addicted to burlap, I'm addicted to felt! Congrats on your feature!


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