Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Wedding Quilt Inspiration


This past July, my cousin Clarisse -- who happens to be one of my dearest friends -- got married in France. Our little family was unfortunately unable to make the international trip for this occasion and we missed out on a beautiful ceremony and fabulous party from what I hear and see in the pictures. Instead of wallowing in how sad I am about missing this special day in her life, I decided to make something that would celebrate her marriage for years to come: a quilt.

Jenny: Wedding Quilt

Clarisse sent me the fabric that they used as a theme in their decorations including bunting, and for the outfits of the little ones in the wedding party. It is a lovely, modern, flowery print with aquas and browns on an off-white background. I have been gathering coordinating prints and solids (not sure about those bold brown dots), as well as embroidery floss to add a little personal something. But now I need your help in figuring out a quilt design!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Easy Baby Gift


Babies, babies, babies everywhere! 2 of my good friends had babies this spring, 2 of my husband's coworkers had babies this summer, and 3 more of my girlfriends are having babies this fall. Craziness! I love making baby gifts, it's such a sweet process and a thoughtful way to welcome these new little ones. But I can't possibly make a quilt for each one of them or that is all I'd be doing!

For one of the latest baby arrivals, I opted for a practical and also easy-to-make gift: a bib and some burp cloths. With a baby of my own (9 months on Saturday, wah!) I know that these come in SO handy, probably more than any other gadget or baby item.

Jenny: Bib and Burp Cloths

The gift recipient being a little dude, I decided to use the bunch of fabric I had left over from the quilt I made for Henry. The birdies are so cute and the prints are very boy-friendly.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Better Late Than Never!


I know, I know, we're well past Christmas in July by this point but I finally finished my ornaments last week and thought I would show you the final result. I only worked on these at night in front of the TV, so it was slow-going, but little by little, they got done!

Jenny: Beaded Ornaments

I am SO happy with the way they turned out. I love them! I love the colors, the beads, the stitching, all of it. And no, they are by no means perfect. Goodness, my embroidery skills need a lot of work! My blanket stitch around the edge is totally uneven, the beading is so wonky, I could go on. But it doesn't matter, I'm so pleased I got these done and can't wait to see them on the Christmas tree in December!

Friday, August 19, 2011

Link Love: Back to School, lunch edition!


Well, it's that time of year again! Ian's been back at school for a week, and it is going great so far. Does Ben start back soon?

I wanted to do a (very) quick roundup of some of MY favorite tutorials for lunch time. We love our reusable snack bags, sandwich wraps and other containers!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Guest Post: Lunchbox Napkins (Tutorial)

Today we have a fun back-to-school tutorial brought to you by our friend Blair. Blair is a crafty mama, avid knitter and sewist. She is also an archaeologist who went to school with my husband. When we moved to Nashville 5 years ago, she introduced me to a group of mom friends through which I met Angel. You could say Blair is the reason Stumbles & Stitches exists!

Tutorial: Lunchbox Napkins Tutorial: Lunchbox Napkins

When my son Ben started preschool earlier this year, Blair made him a set of awesome lunchbox napkins. They are smaller than regular napkins and feature an appliqued initial. I thought they rocked, and so did Ben and his teachers.

Tutorial: Lunchbox Napkins

I asked Blair if she would write a little tutorial for us. And here it is!

* * *

Tutorial: Lunchbox Napkins
by Blair Henley Wardwell

tutorial 1

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

WIP: Fabric Art for Kristina


Do you remember this? I've been making some progress finally, hoping to be done in time for Kristina's visit to Seattle. She however returned to Nashville this morning and I'm not yet finished. Argh. Life with 2 kids in a nutshell.

Here's a glimpse of the work in progress... I hope to show you the finished project soon. Kristina was thrilled with the look so far, so I'm definitely motivated to complete it for her!

Jenny: Fabric Art for Kristina

Jenny: Fabric Art for Kristina

Jenny: Fabric Art for Kristina

Jenny: Fabric Art for Kristina

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Link Love: A Little Bit of Seattle


Happy weekend! We haven't done an episode of Link Love in a while and I thought I would pick things up with a Seattle edition. There are lots of bloggers and online shops located in Seattle and I've found many cool ones since I've lived here.

- You probably know Megan of Not Martha, she's been blogging for a while. She makes all kinds of nifty stuff and shares tutorials so you can make it too!

Dahlia Brooch from Not Martha

- I have known of Pink Chalk Fabrics for a while, but only recently found out that they're in Bainbridge Island nearby! They stock great fabrics, go check it out! The Pink Chalk Studio blog is always busy and inspiring. They recently ran the fabulous "Where I Sew" series.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

3 Dots Pillow

Hi Angel! How is everything going with getting Ian ready to go back to school? Is he excited about first grade? Nervous? How about you? I hope all is well. We're thinking about you!

Things are well here in the PNW. I'm keeping busy with summertime activities with the kids, and working on some exciting stuff that I will hopefully soon be able to share on here... In the meantime, here's a little project I finished a while back and never shared!

Jenny: 3 Dots Pillow

Do you remember that fabric and felt I had brought to the cabin to make a pillow cover back in June? I finally figured out what I wanted to do with it. For a while now, I had this pillow by Denyse Schmidt in the back of my mind.

Jenny: Pillow Plans

Monday, August 8, 2011

Craft Challenge - Scarves: Book Review and Giveaway


Good morning and happy Monday! I hope you had a great weekend. We enjoyed some sunshine here in Seattle and spent time outdoors: hiking in Discovery Park, washing the car, eating lunch on the balcony, spotting the Blue Angels doing their show for Seafair... Lovely mellow weekend! I know Angel is busy getting ready for Ian to start first grade next week. Are any of your kiddos starting school this week?

Another thing I did this weekend is make a project from the book Craft Challenge: Dozens of Ways to Repurpose Scarves. A couple of months ago, Lark Crafts sent me a copy for review and I wanted to share my thoughts on it with you. Lark Crafts is also giving away a copy of this book to a lucky reader, so make sure to check the end of the post and leave a comment for your chance to win!

craft challenge 01

Craft Challenge: Dozens of Ways to Repurpose Scarves
by Nathalie Mornu

The Craft Challenge series of books inspires readers and sewists to repurpose a specific material in myriad ways. In this book, scarves are the base material and the author presents 30 projects to get ideas rolling: skirts, dresses, tops, accessories, and more.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Spring Sampler Stitch-Along: Progress!


Hello and happy Wednesday! For those of you who are stitching along with me, I wanted to give you on an update on my Spring Sampler. (And for those of you who have no idea what I'm talking about, you can read up on this informal stitch-along here.)

After Angel made a beautiful version of that sampler, I decided to try my hand at it too. The Spring Sampler design is by Aimee Ray for Doodle Stitching: The Motif Collection, and you can find a free download of it on the Lark Crafts website.

Jenny: Spring Sampler Stitch-Along

So here's my progress so far. I know it looks a little strange, but let me explain a little about it. I picked natural linen and a range of blue, aqua and green for my embroidery. When trying to transfer the design onto my linen, nothing worked. Transfer paper wasn't dark enough. Fabric markers and pencils did not show up on the textured fabric. I ended up selecting the last option that Aimee Ray mentions in the book (sent to me by Lark Crafts, thank you!): using tissue paper.

Jenny: Spring Sampler Stitch-Along

Jenny: Spring Sampler Stitch-Along

It was see-through enough to easily trace the design with a ballpoint pen. I then taped it onto my flattened fabric with masking tape and carefully put those 2 layers into the hoop.

Monday, August 1, 2011

Finished Birdies!


Hello Angel!

I hope you had a great weekend. I wanted to show you and our friends my finished Little Birds Garland! Sorry it took me all day to post, there was fun to be had in the sun, wading pools in which to splash, and friends with whom to visit. What a nice day! I know July is done but we're not quite done sharing our Christmas in July projects, so... without further ado, here are my birds.

Jenny: Little Birds Garland

Jenny: Little Birds Garland

I finished the birdies a few days ago but didn't get around to finishing the garland until today. I didn't follow Lisa's pattern quite exactly. According to her instructions, I should have included the string to hang the birds as I completed each one. Instead, I decided to wait until the very end, picked yarn that looked best with my felt (a natural linen/cotton blend) and just poked the string of yarn through each bird with a tapestry needle.


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