Monday, July 18, 2011

Christmas in July: Little Birds Garland (Ornament PDF)

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Hello Angel and friends! I hope you all are having fun making ornaments! Who's gotten some Layer Play baubles done? I know Angel has some to show us, and I should too this week (I'm so behind on everything, you can blame my mom and niece who've been visiting!!). If you have ornaments or other Christmas projects to show us, please share some pics in our Christmas in July Flickr pool!

As you probably know by now, Amanda over at Lark Crafts is generously sharing a few patterns from the wonderful book Fa La La La Felt with us for this fun Christmas in July series.

The first ornament pattern we shared with you was Layer Play. Today, we're sharing the pattern for the Little Birds Garland. (Click here or on the image for the PDF, and here for the template.)

I love this project and am so excited to get rolling! I haven't decided on my felt colors yet, I am debating between a combination of bright colors or a mix of heathered grey and sand felt. In any case, I think the embroidery and button details are just lovely. What about you, will you make the garland or the ornament variation? Tell me in the comments!


The designer of this ornament is Lisa Jordan. You may remember that we featured her incredible needle felted artwork during Felt Week. We're excited to be working with her pattern! Make sure to check out her Lil Fish Studios blog and shop if you haven't yet.


Check back in this week and next for more Christmas-related links and projects. You can check our previous Christmas in July posts here. And don't forget the giveaway from Fashionable Fabrics here.

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(And if this post has you itching to buy some felt to get started on ornaments right away, visit our sponsor Felt on the Fly, we LOVE their 100% wool felt!)


  1. Absolutely gorgeous birds, thank you for giving this tutorial. Best wishes :)

  2. I got started on this garland yesterday, fun fun fun!

  3. Cute idea! I made a whole bunch of these birdies for my friend for Christmas. She loved them!

  4. Thanks so much! I have been looking for a pretty and easy bird pattern for my school children to try! :)


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