Monday, July 11, 2011

Christmas in July: Layer Play (Ornament PDF)

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Hello Angel and friends! I hope you all are ready to get rolling with some ornament-making! Did you get some felt and assemble your supplies?

As Angel mentioned in our Christmas in July introduction, Amanda over at Lark Crafts in generously sharing a few patterns from the wonderful book Fa La La La Felt with us for this fun series.

Our first ornament pattern is Layer Play (click here or on the images for PDF pattern). As the book describes, bright rainbow circles of felt are built up to create a 3D effect in these modern baubles.

Layer Play

Layer Play2

This is a very easy pattern with which to get rolling. I just got out my felt stash and am starting to see some fun color combos to use! I have sheets of wool-rayon blend, and some wonderful 100% wool scraps (thanks Angel!). Felt scraps are perfect for this project!

Layer Play 3

Quick note about the pattern: Step 8 calls for sewing the 2 black circles of felt (the last, largest layer) together. I am thinking I'll use a simple running stitch with black thread but would love to hear if you choose something else. It might look interesting to do a contrasting blanket stitch! I hope you'll post your finished ornament in our Flickr pool so we can see them!

Update: The template at the end of the book (page 122) simply includes a 1-inch diameter circle. If you'd like to print it out for reference, you can download the PDF here.

Check back in this week for lots of Christmas-related links and projects. Ho ho ho. (I'm excited we're doing this, but I'm still a little weirded out. I just threw swimsuits and beach towels in the laundry. Strange to be Christmas-crafting, isn't it? But I know I'll be so happy I did come December!!)

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(And if this post has you itching to buy some felt to get started on ornaments right away, visit our sponsor Felt on the Fly, we LOVE their 100% wool felt!)


  1. Do you know what size the biggest circle is? There are no templates in the PDF. I can't wait to pull out some scraps! Thanks!

  2. Hi Stephanie! It looks like the smallest circle (the one included in the template at the end of the book) has a 1-inch diameter. Just from eye-balling it, it looks like the largest circle would be about a 3-inch diameter. I hope that helps!

  3. Awww Layer Play are too best love that ones.... Thanks for sharing us and now i am going to buy some Christmas Gifts

  4. This is so beautiful! Thanks for sharing this idea!

  5. So cute- I plan to make some felt crafts based on my Penny P Pug design. Thanks for sharing.

  6. So cute- I plan to make some felt crafts based on my Penny P Pug design. Thanks for sharing.

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  8. This is so cute, but the links to the PDF files don't work. Could you please tell me where I can get them?


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