Saturday, July 30, 2011

Between Now and Christmas: Jenny

Hi Angel!

I followed your suggestion and have been putting some thought into what I'd like to accomplish before Christmas comes around so that I don't have to scramble at the last minute.

I've been pinning all kinds of stuff to my Christmas board on Pinterest (you can follow me here) and it's been helpful in gathering ideas.

christmas pinterest

The main thing I'd like to make before the holiday season is an Advent Calendar. I've been meaning to sew one for years now. Ben just turned 4, it's about time! I've found a lot of advent inspiration, but a couple of my favorites are these:

Embroidered Felt Advent Calendar by The Purl Bee

Advent Calendar by Brooke Reynolds, Inchmark

They're both made with felt, stitched by hand and have a clean and modern look. I love all that! I need to decide whether I want my Advent Calendar to feature small ornaments or instead, pockets to hide little gifts, notes and activities. I'm leaning toward the latter.

Another thing I'd really like to make before Christmas is a Seasonal Table Runner. Our dining room is at the center of our apartment. It also happens to be my office and sewing studio as well as our family craft room. and tends to be a focal point whether you're walking in or hanging out. I have a fairly good idea of what I want to make and need to draw it out. The following quilts and runners are inspiring my idea:

Lovely Little Forest Quilt by Sharilyn Wright of Lovely Design for The Purl Bee

Table Runner by Hannah, Heartbreak Homestead (winner of our
Spring Runner Sew-Along!)

Christmas Pinwheel Runner by Jodi Nelson, Pleasant Home

Lone Pine quilt by Janice at Wish Upon a Quilt

Bunting Quilt by Maritza Soto

So, these are the main two holiday projects I'd like to get done before December. Otherwise, I plan on finishing my Fa La La La Felt ornaments (download patterns here: Layer Play, Little Birds Garland, Felt Flora and Merry Little Ornaments). I have also pinned the following Ornaments and Decorations that I'd like to make either to decorate our home or as gifts:

Star Ornament from The Purl Bee

Christmas Tree Garland on Folksy

Paper Snowflakes by How About Orange

Felted Garland by Small Bird

Speaking of Gifts... I think I'll be making more roll-up tote bags and zipper pouches, or perhaps burlap art -- some of my favorite projects in the recent months. The following items are also inspiring me:

Fair and Square Patchwork Coasters by Craft Snob

Crayon and coloring books to go by 733blog via Pinterest

Pillows by Skinny LaMinx

Whew! And I think that's about it. Along with all the regular birthday, baby shower, thank you gifts in rotation on my to-do list, plus creating custom projects and building up stock for my future Etsy shop, I think I'm going to be pretty busy in the crafting and sewing department in the next few months!

What are you planning on making ahead of time for the holiday season? Can't wait to see and hear!

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  1. What an AMASING idea! So inspiring! Thank you for sharing! (i've sent a request for invitation, hoping to follow you as a member ;)


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