Friday, June 3, 2011

Link Love


Happy Friday! When you read this, I should be on the Olympic Peninsula in Washington enjoying some fun (hopefully in the sun!) with Angel and our families. Yay! I'm so looking forward to this mini-vacation. I hope you have some fun weekend plans too.

With the busy-ness of our fundraiser, and Felt Week before that, I have fallen so behind on all my favorite blogs and web stops. I finally had a bit of time to catch up and here's what caught my eye.

Photo from Cluck Cluck Sew

- I continue to be wowed by the quilts on Cluck Cluck Sew. I especially like Allison's two latest ones. They're simple but modern and striking all the same.

- I've mentioned Pinterest ad nauseam already, I know. But if you're on there, I recommend following Mary Beth Burrell. She is hilarious and pins the best stuff. (You can follow me and Angel too, we'd love to connect with you!)

- I've been digging the blog Needle and Spatula lately. We "met" Kate when she won the Felt Week giveaway and I love her style and projects. Check out her Bloggers' Dinner Party, sounds like so much fun!

Photo from Heartbreak Homestead

- Another person we "met" via this blog is Hannah of Heartbreak Homestead who won our Spring Runner Sew-Along. She creates patchwork unlike anything I would come up with on my own and I love that! She just unveiled a beautiful new blog layout so go on over and say hello.

- Anna of Noodlehead wrote a tutorial for a nice patchwork bolster, in 2 sizes. (Originally posted in The Long Thread's HandMayde series.)

Photo from The Long Thread

- Speaking of The Long Thread, I love this simple rope handbag tutorial. Fabulous fabric choice! (If you're interested in crafty debates, check out Ellen's Shades of Grey post and the ensuing discussion in the comments. Definitely food for thought.)

- Novita aka One Purple Person is sewing some incredible stuff: jeans, swimsuit, lingerie... As usual, her tailoring is super crisp, her details perfect and her photos stylish. I'm awed by her stitching talent!

Aaaand, I think that's enough for today. Off to enjoy the weekend! Have a lovely one.


  1. Thanks so much for the shout out, so glad you have been enjoying my blog - I've been loving seeing what you guys are up to, too!

  2. You're welcome Kate! So glad we've connected via the blogosphere. :)


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