Thursday, May 26, 2011

Stitch Home Alabama: Thank You!


Good morning! Angel and I would like to thank all of you for participating in our Stitch Home Alabama fundraiser. A grand total of $3,540 was donated to the Salvation Army Emergency Disaster Services to help areas devastated by the April tornadoes in the American southeast.

thank you
Photo by CB Handmade

Thank you to our amazing prize donors. Without their generosity, we wouldn't have been able to get this rolling.

Thank you to everyone who spread the word on their blog, Facebook page, Twitter feed and more. Your support touched us more than you could know.

And thank you to each and every single one of you who donated money to help this cause. You can all be proud of the help we're sending to Alabama and our other states ravaged by the historic tornado storms of April 27, 2011. Your donation is going toward food, supplies, hygiene and clean-up kits, and much-needed support to the victims and survivors of the storms.

Volunteer help
Photo from Birmingham Salvation Army Flickr page

We met our goal of $2,000 last Monday and raised the bar to $3,000. And thanks to you, we surpassed that as well! 90 people gave money and 334 virtual tickets were assigned. We will be picking our 5 prize winners shortly with Check back soon for the announcement.

* * *

A personal thought to wrap this up... Stumbles & Stitches started as a virtual way for Angel and me to keep in touch about our handmade and creative projects, encourage each other through stumbles, and hopefully motivate and inspire others as well. In the past few months, our readership has been growing and with it, a wonderful online community.

However, there are days when I wonder why we do this blogging thing. I've seen many bloggers ponder similar thoughts at some point. It is a lot of work and commitment, while juggling many other priorities. Much of this fundraising effort was orchestrated while nursing a baby at the computer, typing emails to shops and bloggers one-handed, while getting smacked in the face by pudgy hands and interrupted every ten seconds by a neglected 3-year-old who watched WAY too much television this past week. Angel, on her end, has been juggling all her end-of-the-year school and volunteering activities, and a tree fell on her house, people!

So, yes, there were a few moments where we wondered, why are we doing this again? Well, for the tornado victims and survivors, of course. But also because YOU, our readers, kept us going. Your wonderful emails, supportive comments and kind words were the fuel behind this effort. And for that, we are ever grateful.

We are so glad to have welcomed new friends to Stumbles & Stitches through this effort. We hope you'll come back to visit as we settle back into a creative and crafty routine! Thank you again so much.


  1. awesome! congratulations and thank you so much for helping others find a way to help!

  2. Congratulation! Just know that your 3 year old may have been watching TV, but was also watching you do charitable work. It is a virtue that will be well learned. Thanks for all you do!

  3. Thank you all very much for the kind comments. :)

  4. Awwww, you guys rock! Thank YOU for doing what you did and I know first hand that the rest of us are joining in right alongside you, one handed typing, with the babies on the boob and our toddlers running wild. I wouldn't change a thing :) Hugs to both of you!


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