Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Spring Is In The Air: Burlap Art

Well hello there! I just completed a project and thought I would share.

A couple of blocks away from our house, there is an old tree with low hanging branches and moss-covered roots that break up the stone sidewalk. It is a place where we stop on every single walk, to climb, examine and admire. Lately, the tree's branches have been pink and white with blossoms and the floor underneath littered with petals, like a flowery snow storm just blew in. 3 gorgeous bright red tulips are growing at the foot of the tree.

It's really quite a magical spot and it's inspired my latest project, which I've called "Spring Is In The Air".

"Spring Is In The Air" Burlap Art

As you can see, I've made another foray into burlap art. I am loving re-purposing these old coffee bags into a canvas and using fabric scraps to "draw" a simple picture. This type of artwork suits me well.

I'm starting to figure out a process for making these fabric collages. I'll tell you the gist of it.

Jenny: Burlap Art "Spring is in the air"

Briefly, my process is to draw the project to size. I then trace the outlines onto white paper and cut my shapes.

Jenny: Burlap Art "Spring is in the air"

I iron fabric scraps onto double-sided fusible web (I can't remember the brand name) and use the cut pattern pieces to draw the shapes on there. I then cut the shapes out of fabric, place them onto the burlap and iron them into place.

Jenny: Burlap Art "Spring is in the air"

I used the sewing machine to top-stitch the applique pieces into place. I am still learning a TON about applique and how to use the machine to tackle curves and details. So, don't look too close.

Jenny: Burlap Art "Spring is in the air"

In this piece, I used embroidery floss to add details, for example the centers of the flower blossoms, the bird's legs and the tulips' stems.

Jenny: Burlap Art "Spring is in the air"
Jenny: Burlap Art "Spring is in the air"

I still need to press this piece and stretch it onto a wooden frame (I'll update this post with a photo when it's done). Which means about 2-3 inches of burlap all around the piece will be tucked under.

Jenny: Burlap Art "Spring is in the air"

I am donating this burlap art piece to our raffle which will be launched tomorrow, to raise funds for our tornado-ravaged southern states like Alabama. I hope you like it and that it will encourage you to donate money to the Salvation Army! (And if not, there are plenty of other prizes that should interest you!)

Update: Here it is, stretched on to a canvas.

"Spring Is In The Air" Burlap Art

Angel-mini-button Jenny it is really interesting to see how you create your burlap pieces, and to hear what your inspiration for this one is! The embroidery floss adds a nice detail, too! It's really amazing how much can be done with fabric, don't you think?

I can't wait to show everyone the raffle prizes tomorrow!


  1. I love this but I can't draw pictures. It would be nice if you would put a template on so we can print it out and use for our projects. This is really nice. I love the idea of framing my own art work.

    1. Thank you! If you're looking for a template for making burlap art, I provided one in my tutorial for the Sunset Birds here: http://stumblesandstitches.blogspot.com/2011/10/guest-post-on-whip-up.html. :)


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