Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Dude Shorts For Ben


Hi Angel, I hope your week is going well so far. I am taking advantage of "Ben-is-in-Preschool Day" to get caught up on projects. Before I forget, I wanted to show you a few more photos of the Dude Shorts I made for Ben with the pattern from Sew Tina!

Dude Shorts

It was a very easy pattern to follow and I used a striped cotton from my stash. I am not sure what type of weave or weight this fabric is, I remember purchasing it with my mom from the shirting section of a fabric store to make a tunic for my husband -- which never happened. It is lightweight and has a linen-ish feel.

I thought it would be the perfect material for some breezy summer shorts for Ben. And apparently he agrees. Check out Mr. Silly during our little photo shoot! He had a blast running around our yard and playing with sticks in his new shorts.

Jenny: Dude Shorts For Ben Jenny: Dude Shorts For Ben Jenny: Dude Shorts For Ben
Jenny: Dude Shorts For Ben

As I mentioned in my Sew Tina! review, I've been hesitant to sew clothing. I just haven't felt confident enough and dreaded the inevitable wreck of fabric that would ensue. But, encouraged by Tina Givens' warm voice, I went for it. This project took me a couple of 2-hr chunks, or something like that. It was a total no-stress, easy process and I didn't really time myself -- especially because I was interrupted two meeellion times.

The result is more like cargo pants than shorts, per se. But they are super cute! My hubby called them "awesome pirate pants" and we got comments from both our neighbors on Ben's "cool pants". They really are perfect for playtime and warm weather, and I love baggy clothes on little kids. Ben was obviously comfortable!

Jenny: Dude Shorts For Ben Jenny: Dude Shorts For Ben

I made a small modification to the pattern. Tina Givens has designed these shorts with raw-edged pockets and I don't like that unraveled look, so I lined the pockets in a very lightweight muslin. I simply sewed my pockets and their lining right sides together, leaving a gap to turn. I then pressed them carefully and top-stitched all around the edges before following Tina's directions for the pleated embellishment and stitching onto the shorts.

Jenny: Dude Shorts For Ben
Jenny: Dude Shorts For Ben

I love those huge pockets! They definitely up the Dude Shorts' coolness factor, don't you think?

I did have some issues with my sewing machine skipping stitches. Thank goodness for our Facebook friends who offered some helpful input! I re-threaded everything, checked the tension and changed my needle and one of those things ended up fixing the issue. The shorts still have some messed up stitches, you can kind of tell in the above pictures.

Jenny: Dude Shorts For Ben

I think I'll make at least another pair of those shorts for Ben, probably in a solid color (and a less wrinkly fabric!). They are so easy to make and very kid-friendly in wear. One thing I will tweak next time around: I will add about 1 inch of fabric at the waist to bring the elastic waist slightly higher. My kid is a bit prone to the "plumber" look... but he's still pretty cute!

Jenny: Dude Shorts For Ben

Dear readers, make sure and go enter the giveaway of Sew Tina! from Lark Crafts along with 10 gorgeous fat quarters from Alewives Fabrics. You can find it here.

Angel-mini-button Oh my goodness, Ben is so big! The photos really capture his mischievous side, don't they? The shorts are super cute, you did a great job! It really looks like the perfect pattern, nothing is better than a comfy pair of shorts when it's warm outside.

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