Monday, May 16, 2011

Announcing a Fundraiser for the South


On April 27, 2011, dozens of tornadoes devastated the South in a massive storm that reduced neighborhoods to rubble and killed at least 342 people across 7 states. The twister outbreak was the second deadliest in U.S. history. The state of Alabama was by far the hardest hit in the South, with at least 250 killed and major destruction in the city of Tuscaloosa.

Tornado Damage

In March, the craft community rallied in an impressive fashion to help Japan in the wake of the terrible earthquake and tsunami disaster. It's time to come together again and help our neighbors and friends right here in the South of the United States.

Stumbles & Stitches will be hosting a raffle starting this Wednesday 5/18 to raise funds for The Salvation Army disaster relief.

Tornado damage and help

Some fantastic prizes have been donated: fabric from Spoonflower and Alewives Fabrics, as well as handmade items and other surprises from our partners Magpie Patterns, Lark Crafts, A Child's Dream Come True and many other very generous friends!! You'll have to come back on Wednesday to find out the details!

Tornado Damage

We chose the Salvation Army because they are on the ground in Alabama and other southern states, helping victims of the disaster in very tangible ways. More importantly: they need OUR help.

Tornado Damage

The pictures you see here are from the Birmingham Salvation Army's Flickr page, featuring many photos of the tornado damage as well as examples of how donations are helping. It is truly heart-wrenching to go through them. From the comfort of my home sweet home, I keep thinking: what if this were my house, my kid's toy, my photo album in the rubble?

Tornado Damage

Starting Wednesday, we will ask that you donate to The Salvation Army disaster relief. For every $10 you donate, you will get an entry in the raffle. A $50 donation means 5 chances to win one of the prizes! You will need to comment on the raffle post to enter. Be sure and come back to Stumbles & Stitches on Wednesday.

Tornado Damage

So get those wallets out and go donate some money to help Alabama, and our other southern states that have suffered so much in these storms. Hold on to your email receipt with donation ID, you'll need it to enter the raffle on Wednesday!

Tornado Damage

If this inspires you to donate to the Salvation Army but you're not interested in the raffle, please leave a comment here with your donation amount. We'll include you in our fundraising total!

Tornado Damage

We are counting on you! Please help us raise funds and spread the word. Come back on Wednesday for the raffle launch and thank you in advance for your generosity!

PS: If you have a prize to donate for the raffle, we'll be accepting them until Tuesday end of day! Simply email us at stumblesstitches [at] ymail [dot] com. Thank you!!

PS2: If you are hosting a fundraiser effort of your own, please let us know in the comments. We'll do a link round-up later this week.

Source: Associated Press
All photos in this post from the Birmingham Salvation Army Flickr page

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  1. Truly inspirational what you have done to support so many people in need from these tornadoes' paths of destruction. Thank you. Oh, and I followed your suggestion and made a $50 donation to Salvation Army. The ID# is 3057806746560180668931.


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