Monday, April 4, 2011

Welcome Lark Crafts!


We are very excited to announce a new partnership with Lark Crafts!

If you're crafty, you've probably heard of them. From their website: "Lark Crafts is a creative publishing group based in the beautiful and artistic mountain town of Asheville, NC. We love showcasing the best the craft world has to offer through how-to projects, comprehensive technique guides, spectacular visual galleries, and everything in between. Lark has been in the business of providing crafters with information and inspiration for 25 years."


Lark Press publishes an array of fabulous craft books. Every few weeks, we will be reviewing one of our favorite offerings from Lark. You can imagine this new partnership is making us book lovers giddy with excitement! Stay tuned for some great Lark giveaways... starting today!

In the meantime, make sure to go visit the Lark Crafts blog, featuring tons of free projects and inspiration. You can also "like" Lark Crafts on Facebook and follow them on Twitter.

PS: Congratulations to Jenny of Cut.Sew.Iron.Repeat (who said: "oh goodness, that embroidery of the girl carrying the books could be my own dearest daughter!! what great selection of items!"), she won the Magpie Patterns giveaway and is the lucky recipient of the adorable Book Smart pattern set by SeptemberHouse!


  1. wowie!! two bits of exciting news in your post today ladies!!!
    yeah for partnership with Lark!!
    yeah! for winning the Book Smart pattern set!!
    thanks you very much!

  2. Thanks Jenny! I'm happy for you (and a little jealous too, he he!), you'll have to post the projects you embroider on your blog so we can see.

    We're pretty thrilled about this Lark deal. We get to review books and make new projects, and our readers get giveaways! Pretty exciting indeed!!


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