Monday, April 25, 2011

Spring Runner Sew-Along: Finalists!


Happy Monday to you all! I hope you had a fantastic weekend, and a happy Easter if you happen to celebrate.

Our Spring Runner Sew-Along has come to an end and our participants' entries received lots of votes over the last few days. Very exciting! It is now time to announce the five finalists.

Spring Runner Sew-Along Button

Once again, I'd like to acknowledge the wonderful job that each and every single participant did on their table (or windowsill or shelf) runner. If you haven't yet, go check out the entries on Flickr and leave a comment or two! Each entry was unique and lovely -- in look, design, and skill. The unfortunate thing about a contest is that not everyone can win the votes and the prize, but we sure were impressed with everyone's work and creativity.

Our five top vote earners and finalists are... (drumroll)

- Lisa, My Artful Life

I made it within the deadline! Spring daffs and sew-along runner

- Hannah, Heartbreak Homestead

spring runner spring runner

- Brie, Little Creatable

Spring Runner Submission Spring Runner Submission

- Susan, So Sue

Spring Runner Submission

- Lara, Lara's Whim

Spring Runner Submission Fabric Close-Up

At this point, the public voting is closed. Rashida, Angel and I are going to be rating these 5 finalists' runners today. We'll be judging their entries according to the following guidelines:
  • adherence to the sew-along requirements of 1) celebrating spring and 2) being inspired by Rashida's runner in at least one way (the pattern, the linen, the zigzag, the tricolor theme, the vintage fabric...)
  • creativity
  • overall excellence
I can tell you we have some tough decisions ahead of us!

We'll tally the ratings and announce the winner tomorrow! This lucky person will win Rashida's wonderful and inspiring book I Love Patchwork (the jumping off point for this fun Sew-Along!) as well as some cuts of her super cute new fabric line and a scrap bag from Hawthorne Threads.

Photos are still being added to the Flickr pool by talented sewists who were unable to meet the deadline so be sure and visit! And if you want to be inspired, check out the incredible triangle-infused runner created by Rashida!!

Congratulations to our finalists! We'll meet you back here tomorrow!! Have a lovely day.


  1. Very exciting to be in the Final 5 - thank you!

  2. congratulations finalists! good luck picking a winner ladies, they are all so nice!

  3. yay - so glad to see that mine made the cut! keeping my fingers crossed.

  4. I think I've said this before, but I wish we had had as many prizes as there were participants. Every entry was so wonderful, it seems unfair to cut people out! Such talent, it is going to be hard to narrow it down!! But, that's the beauty of having several judges, it's all in how the points add up.

  5. I can't wait...though I have an inkling I know who will win *eek*


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