Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Spring Runner Sew-Along: And The Winner Is...


The votes were counted and the finalists were announced. Your 3 judges got to work and conscientiously rated these 5 runners. And I'll tell ya, rating these entries was no easy feat! All the runners are fabulous, and knowing the time and effort everyone put into their project makes choosing a favorite very difficult. Thank you again to everyone for participating!

Spring Runner Sew-Along Button

When we tallied the points, the competition was neck and neck! So finalists, please pat yourselves on the back. One person's table runner stood out though, as the unanimous winner:

Hannah of Heartbreak Homestead!

spring runner
spring runner

spring runner

Our wonderful guest participant and judge Rashida said:
I absolutely LOVE Hannah's runner! I really like that it looks like she took the design of my runner from the book and sort of deconstructed it. I'm especially fond of the colors as well. The muted shades paired with the burst of flowers in the middle sort of remind me of the transition from Winter to Spring. It's really just so lovely, I LOVE it!

Here are Angel's words to explain her top pick:
I chose Hannah's runner for several reasons: the subtle combination of the flowered fabrics and the gray fabrics was ingenious, since so much of early Spring is spent back and forth with warm and cool weather. The choice of colors really expressed that for me. I also loved her loose interpretation of the "zigzag" pattern on Rashida's runner. My favorite element was the light gray triangles radiating out from the center, such a lovely way to express movement. And, looking at the close up photo, you can tell that the stitching was very well done, I love the varying patterns in the quilting. Great job Hannah!

As for me, I have to agree with these two lovely ladies. I thought that Hannah's runner perfectly exemplified our sew-along requirements with both creativity and excellence. The color choices spoke to me as a Seattleite, as Spring here means a blanket of white clouds peppered with occasional peeks of sunshine and colorful bursts of flowers and blooms on gray sidewalks. The patchwork is so intricate and clever, I feel like I could stare at it all day and still notice new details. I love how the quilting subtly brings the zig-zag into play. Most importantly, while I truly love every single runner submitted, Hannah's runner inspires me -- to experiment, take risks and create. Beautiful work!

Congratulations Hannah! We'll contact you to get your info. You will be the lucky recipient of Rashida's I Love Patchwork book, as well as some cuts of her new fabric collection and a scrap pack of designer fabrics from Hawthorne Threads.

Thank you again to all of you talented ladies who participated in the Spring Runner Sew-Along. We have so enjoyed getting to know you all, visiting your blogs and seeing your creative work develop. You have all done a beautiful job and should be proud! We hope you'll stick around, visit and say hello (we'd love to hear from you!) and join our next Sew-Along!!


  1. Yay! Congratulations Hannah! I love your runner as well. It's simple and beautiful.

  2. COngratulations! It is truly lovely.

  3. congratulations hannah on a lovely runner!

  4. wow! thank you ALL for so many kind words! i'm really proud of my runner and as soon as my family gets settled after a long and hard move, it will be the centerpiece on my dining room table!

  5. Congratulations, Hannah!

  6. Congratulations Hannah you totally deserve it!

  7. Well done Hannah it was my favourite hands down!
    Thanks girls I learned a lot.

  8. I really enjoyed this sew-along! Thanks to Jenny and Angel for organizing this!! :)

  9. We're so glad you guys all participated! It's been so fun to get to know y'all and to see these different styles emerge. Wonderful work from everyone!


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