Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Spring Runner: Assembly and Final Steps


Happy Wednesday! One week left till the big Spring Runner showdown! (That sounds a bit intense for sewing projects, but it reflects how excited I am!!) I have loved seeing all the blog updates and latest additions to the Flickr pool from our participants. I am so impressed by the creativity and diversity of ideas exemplified by this little group and cannot wait to see the finished projects next week!

Spring Runner Sew-Along Button

Before I show you my progress, I wanted to tackle the administrative stuff...

  • Dear participants, Tuesday April 19 is the deadline for posting a photo of your completed runner in the Flickr pool. Please label it "Spring Runner Submission".
  • If you do not have a Flickr account, simply email us your photo submission.
  • On April 20, Angel and I will show you our finished Spring Runners!
  • On Wednesday April 20, we will also post all the Spring Runner final photos and launch the voting process for the winner! The plan is to open the voting to all our readers.
  • We'll close the voting on Sunday April 24 and announce the finalists. At that point, Rashida, Angel and I will rate the top 5 vote-earners, based on their adherence to the sew-along requirements, their creativity and overall excellence.
  • We'll announce the winner on Monday April 25. And that lucky winner will not only receive Rashida's book but some lovely little surprise... (Hint: you can sew with it!)
Whew! Let me know if you have any questions in the comments. You can find more info here, here and here.

And now moving on... Here's my Spring Runner update!

Jenny: Spring Runner Progress

Two weeks ago, we showed you our fabric choices and pattern ideas. Then last week we showed you our progress with cutting, piecing and sewing. Several of our participants have done a great job of showing us their progress as well (if you haven't, go click around on the blogs listed in the sidebar, or see my round-up here).

This week, it's time to show some serious progress! And yes, I know, some of you are already DONE (I'm looking at you, Clare and Brie and Carol and Lara!), but you'll just have to pretend you're still sewing along!

This is my first experience piecing exact patchwork pieces since I made Anna Maria Horner's super cute but headache-inducing pincushion caddy. I tried really hard to be accurate with cutting, with stitching with the correct seam allowance, with pressing my seams open, with pinning carefully...

Jenny: Spring Runner Progress
Jenny: Spring Runner Progress
Jenny: Spring Runner Progress

...and I still had issues with matching my pieces! See before and after pictures below.

Jenny: Spring Runner Progress
Jenny: Spring Runner Progress

Good enough. I had to move on or I would run out of hair to pull out. Here's the finished runner top:

Jenny: Spring Runner Progress
Jenny: Spring Runner Progress

I squared off all edges then sandwiched it with a layer of batting and more linen on the back (I have a TON of that linen!). It's all ironed, pinned and ready to be quilted. I'm not sure yet how I will quilt it, but I think I'll follow Rashida's idea for the Zigzag Table Runner, to repeat the quilting pattern from the patchwork onto the linen. As for binding, no clue yet.

Jenny: Spring Runner Progress

Speaking of Rashida, make sure to head over to her blog today, she just wrote a little update about her progress! My oh my, those triangles and colors look fabulous, can't wait to see the final result!

Your turn! What have you been working on?

Angel-mini-buttonJen I am loving your progress! The pattern you created is really fab.

And, about my progress: I have none to show today! I'll post tomorrow with an update. Our little "urban homestead" is in full swing now that it's officially Spring, I am so busy outside that I'm finding my crafting time compromised quite a bit. Not to worry though, I'm on it!


  1. Since mine is finished, I am working on finishing a few other projects and starting a zig zag bed quilt (maybe). I think yours will turn out really pretty.

  2. well i see a table runner like this in my future!!
    can't wait to see how you quilt it!

  3. Ok well now I'm nervous excited and just generally freaking out! Btw your runner is awesome!


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