Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Spoonflower Pillows


Happy Tuesday! Tuesday is preschool day around here, a pretty new thing for us. And boy, this getting-to-school-on-time thing is not for sissies! It wasn't even 8AM and I already felt like I could use a stiff drink! (Just kidding. Well, sort of.)

Tuesday morning is also my get-stuff-done morning, because one baby is way easier to handle than two! So, without further ado, let me share my latest fabric lust, so that I can move on to making some progress on my Spring Runner before school pick-up (or I really won't have anything to show you tomorrow).

Jenny: Pillow Plans

Do you remember my talking about making over our living room now that we have a new couch? We're still in dire need of some fresh pillows. I ordered a new slipcover for our hideously cat-scratched red armchair. (How we'll keep the cat from scratching our new furniture to shreds, I haven't yet figured out. But, one thing at a time.) And with our large pieces now in a more neutral gray and beige (i.e. kid-friendly) color scheme, I want some colorful pillows and accessories.

I liked the linens prints I had showed you in my last post, and I loved those Echino prints you suggested, but nothing was really grabbing me wholeheartedly. Until I ventured onto Spoonflower.com. I bet you know of this website already: Spoonflower makes it possible for individuals to design, print and sell their own fabric designs. And it is super awesome.

Jenny: Pillow Plans

You can see my profile and click on my favorites here. I seem to have zeroed in on one designer in particular, Holli Zollinger. Her stuff is modern and earthy at the same time, I really like it. And, the cool thing about Spoonflower is that you can choose the type of fabric and how much of it you'd like printed. Since it can get a little pricy, I'm only going to get fat quarters of the linen-cotton blend. That should be plenty for pillow covers but in a good quality fabric.

Have you or any of our readers ordered from Spoonflower before? Any tips or feedback?

Here are my top picks for pillows:

Jenny: Pillow Plans Jenny: Pillow Plans
Jenny: Pillow Plans Jenny: Pillow Plans

I need to make 3 square pillow covers. I also plan to make one rectangular pillow inspired by this pattern in Quilts by Denyse Schmidt.

Jenny: Pillow Plans

What do you think of my fabric choices, any feedback or preferences? What combo of 3 prints do you think would work best?

And dear readers, did you remember to enter the fabulous giveaway of Big Little Felt Universe? 2 chances to win the book AND a $25 gift certificate for felt supplies. Go do it!

Angel-mini-button LOVE THE FABRIC! Oh wow. I haven't delved too deeply into Spoonflower outside of ogling Heather Ross's limited edition prints, it's a little overwhelming! But this post is most inspiring. I love the four prints you chose above, they are so bright and pretty. Can't wait to see the finished pillows!


  1. Hello! New girl on the block here, but I'm loving your blog!

    I think I would choose the red leaf print, the blue-ish/red print as well as the the yellow flower print. As always, its your space, choose that which will bring life, freshness and peace!

    Looking forward to seeing what you choose.

  2. Hmm

    If it were my choice I would go back to your favourites and choose the fourth yellow fabric, the grey below and the aqua to the right of the grey.

    I'm not really a fan of red and yellow together, but as the fabrics are pretty i'm sure which ever you decide on will be fabulous.

    I also think its hard to tell until you see the fabrics for real.

    Now where are these spring runners??

  3. Oooh, thank you both for your feedback! It's interesting to get a fresh take on this assortment of prints I've been starting at for... way too long!

    I am now wondering if I should go more monochromatic with 3 yellow prints. Clearly, I have some more thinking to do! I'll keep you guys posted.

  4. wow, you have a tough choice! but great to see so many of my designs in there! thanks so much for blogging about my designs, how fun is it to see people creating with it all over the web! good luck to you!

  5. Thanks Holli! I'll make sure and let you know when I post about the finished pillows. It was hard to select fabric, I love so many of your designs!


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