Saturday, April 2, 2011

Layout Update


Hello everyone!

A quick note to let you guys know we're making some updates to the layout of the blog this weekend. It will hopefully go off without a hitch, but if you notice some funky stuff in the placement of blog items, just know we're working on it!

We want Stumbles & Stitches to remain familiar and cozy, so we're not changing too much: enlarging things a bit, and moving stuff around just slightly. We hope the new look will allow our content to "breathe", and more importantly, be more reader-friendly.

Here are a few changes you might like to know about:
- As promised, we added a Spring Runner section in the sidebar featuring all the little things you might need if you're playing along with us!
- We've created a blog roll of all Spring Runner Sew-Along participants who have a blog. We hope this helps us all stay in step with each other. Let us know if you want to be taken off.
- We've begun adding page breaks in our posts. You will now see the link "Continue reading" after a quick intro. This allows you to more easily browse through all recent posts and click to read only those that interest you.

Let us know your thoughts in the comments! And have a great weekend!


  1. Thanks for the sew-along side bar thingy, its much easier to follow others taking part.

    I've just updated my blog.

    I'm not sure if I should add 'in progress' pictures to the flickr group?

    Clare x

  2. Hi Clare, please DO post in-progress photos to the Flickr pool. We'll clarify the "rules" for that in our next update.

    The gist is: your final submission should be ONE photo. You can post several of the finished project in the pool, but choose one that is your submission and for which you write a description, add a link, etc. This allows us to do a round-up with one solid picture for each participant.

    Thanks for your comment and question. Please keep 'em coming! :)

  3. Aah thanks I'm new to this sort of thing!!


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