Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Watercoloring (and Sketches for Kristina)


My poor baby (the 3-year-old one) has been sick for 5 days now, coughing and just feeling crappy. While this has put a damper on my efforts to get us out the door and doing activities throughout the week, it has allowed us (well, sometimes just me when he's been cuddled under blankets watching TV and the baby's been sleeping) to do lots of crafty stuff. Yesterday, Ben and I sat at the dining room table and got the watercolors out.

Jenny: Sketches for Kristina

While Ben worked on a "book" for his little brother...

Jenny: Sketches for Kristina
Jenny: Sketches for Kristina

... I worked on my sketches for the artwork I am going to make for our friend Kristina. She had a beautiful mural painted in her boys' room a few months ago and would like me to create a triptych of fabric art to complement it. The plan is to use a background of crisp white canvas and create branches and leaves with fabric in a sage color theme. The leaves and branches will be appliqued like in my burlap art.

Mural by Megan Lightell, photo courtesy of Kristina Guisler

Jenny: New Fabric!

Using my photo editing software, I cropped 3 parts of the mural that I thought would lend themselves well to panels of fabric art. I sketched them in pencil, and when I was happy with that, I traced my drawing in black pen.

Jenny: Sketches for Kristina
Jenny: Sketches for Kristina

And then I got my watercolors out! I recently invested in the Koi Watercolor sketching set (based on a recommendation by the awesomely talented Alisa Burke), and it's really changed the way I sketch. I love it!

Note: I used the various greens I had available on the watercolor palette instead of making fancy mixes, so the color scheme is not the exact same as the fabric, but it gives you an idea.

Jenny: Sketches for Kristina
Jenny: Sketches for Kristina
Jenny: Sketches for Kristina
Jenny: Sketches for Kristina

Here's an approximation of what the final triptych will look like.

Jenny: Sketches for Kristina Jenny: Sketches for Kristina Jenny: Sketches for Kristina

What do you think? I'd love feedback if you have any.

My fabrics are washed and ironed. I bought some double-sided lightweight interfacing (it'll be the first time I use the double-sided stuff, I'm curious and excited -- and hope it'll HELP the process...). If Kristina approves the sketches, I am ready to roll with the actual project. I'll keep you posted!

Angel-mini-buttonJenny I can't wait to see the finished product! Kristina is a lucky mama, to have a professional artist (and friend) paint the mural and to have a creative, talented and thoughtful mama like you to make canvases to go along with it. The watercolor sketch kit looks AWESOME! (Must resist, no buying for me until I get myself organized.)

I love your sketches so much, I know I say that every time but it's true! I'm working on an Easter softie and made some sketches of my own, I love learning new things from you! Hope Ben is better soon, Spring is on its way!

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