Monday, March 7, 2011

Stick Flowers


Here's a little spring project I did with Ben last week. We called these "stick flowers".

Jenny: Stick Flowers

Here they are on Ben's sorry excuse for a nature table. This is the shelf on which he displays some of his crafts and also his "collections" of shells, rocks, pinecones, acorns and other assorted nature finds. You can see our apple tree experiment in that vase on the window sill (Yes! That's an apple tree growing from an apple seed!)

Jenny: Stick Flowers

This idea came from a discussion that Ben and I had after the last snow, about how winter was going away and spring was going to come. We had been saving some sticks to make a snowman. Unfortunately, the last round of snow didn't stay long enough for us to make a snowman, so we were left with this nice little bunch of sticks. We decided to bring spring into our home a little early with some felt flowers!

I simply cut out circles of bright colored felt with pinking shears, in two sizes (about 1.5 inches diameter and 2.5 inches diameter). I handled the glue gun (with many bad words that Ben was thrilled to hear every time I burnt my fingers) and he selected which circles of felt should go together and which little balls should adorn the center. We hot-glued these "flowers" to the sticks, and ta-da, our stick flowers were done!

Jenny: Stick Flowers
Jenny: Stick Flowers
Jenny: Stick Flowers

This was a total spur of the moment project and was over and done with in about 30 minutes. Ben and I had a great time making them and they look pretty nice on the nature shelf!

Jenny: Stick Flowers

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