Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Spring Runner: Details and Fabrics!


I'm getting so excited about our little Sew-Along project! Dear readers, have you signed up? We've got 16 participants already, not including ourselves and our Runner guru Rashida Coleman-Hale. I am giddy and just cannot wait to see what everyone will create!

Spring Runner Button

Before I show you my fabric choices, I wanted to go over a few details for everyone who is participating.

- We are working on a little "Spring Runner Central" area in the sidebar where you will be able to find code for the button (see above), and easy links to the Flickr pool and other useful resources. It should hopefully be up within the next couple of days.

- If you are participating, we would love it if you posted in the comments with notes about your progress, or even better: links to your Flickr page or blog post(s) about your progress. We will do little link + photo round-ups in our next Spring Runner Sew-Along updates.

The point is: we want to follow your progress just like you follow ours! That's the fun of a Sew-ALONG, right? Yay!! Feel free to post comments and links on our Facebook page too.

- Finally, we got a few questions re. the Zigzag Table Runner pattern from I Love Patchwork. Because of copyright issues, the pattern and graphic for the zigzag pattern you see in the photos is not available except inside of Rashida's book, I Love Patchwork (and it sure is a lovely book to own, one of my very favorite sewing books!).

To get the exact pattern, you could buy the book, or I would recommend checking out I Love Patchwork from your local library. That's how I first discovered it and decided I just HAD to have it (thanks Mom!).

If you feel like you just need some help with the zigzag piecing, here are a few tutorials from The Purl Bee, Anna Maria Horner, Domestik Goddess, and U Create Crafts. Google is your friend, my friends. Just look up "zigzag patchwork tutorial" or "table runner tutorial", and you'll be up to your ears in inspiration!

Also, please remember that you don't need to make the exact same runner as Rashida's, you can just use the images for inspiration.

For a refresher on the rules of this Sew-Along game, visit the original post here. That's also where you sign up, if you haven't yet!! Deadline for signing up is April 12, deadline for submitting your finished runner is April 19.

All right, now it's time to show you the fabric I picked for my Spring Runner!

Jenny: Spring Runner Fabric

I was determined to use my stash for this project. Looking for Spring-y prints, I noticed the Nicey Jane fat quarters that have been sitting on my shelf for almost a year! I love this fabric line but hadn't found the right project for it. I think I now have! To go with these prints, I found a nice light blue linen I inherited from my Mom's stash purge a while back.

Jenny: Spring Runner Fabric

So, I have 3 prints and 1 linen, just like Rashida's zigzag runner, but I am not sure I'll follow that exact pattern, mostly because I fear my prints are too large to work in a small patchwork. We shall see...

What about you, Angel? And what about you, sew-along friends? Have you made your fabric selection? Have you decided on a pattern? Dish it out!

Angel-mini-buttonJenny, I love the fabrics you chose! Nicey Jane has to be one of the best lines ever, Heather Bailey is a fabric goddess!

I'll go into more detail when I post next Wednesday, but as you know my runner needs to be LONG so I chose six fabrics to go with my linen. I have to warn you, I am likely to change this around a bit as I think on it more, you'll just have to wait and see next week!

Angel: Spring Runner Fabric

Far Far Away, Tula Pink and solid voile (not sure about that voile!)

Angel: Spring Runner Fabric

Far Far Away, shot cotton and Tula Pink

Angel: Spring Runner Fabric

All together (and in desperate need of ironing, the lot)!

I can't wait to see everyone else's progress! Please send us your links! If you don't have Flickr or a blog, you can even send us pictures at our email address (look on the left hand sidebar under "contact us")!


  1. Hi. just blogged my fabric choices!

  2. I have mine picked out. : )
    Just got done blogging about it. Will add the button to the blog piece when it is ready.

  3. Great job, ladies! Can't wait to see the next steps in your projects. I like how everyone is picking really different fabrics. It's going to be so fun to see the diversity in end results.

  4. just finished blogging mine - i might have gone a little off track but i'm really enjoying where i'm headed!

  5. look!

    I am moving along!

  6. Hannah and Emily, great job! I'm loving reading all these updates and seeing the progress. Everyone's fabric choices are so different and wonderful. Such fun!


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