Thursday, March 10, 2011

Show and Tell: Craft in America on PBS


Lee and I were searching the Boxee for something to watch on TV the other night and ran across this awesome series from PBS called Craft in America. To say that it was inspiring would be an understatement, I was in tears at several points during the episode we watched. The episode we watched was Process, and just from getting a glimpse into the creative process of so many unbelievably talented artists touched me in a profound way.

Am I the only one that has a fantasy about what an artist actually DOES when they create? That somehow it comes easy, they never get bored, or frustrated, or stuck? This episode did an amazing job of showing the mundane and the magical.

I was most impressed by Tom Killion's traditional Japanese wood carving (and that is saying a lot, because all the artists were very talented and interesting). Something he said really struck me, he mentioned that the skill he's had to work on the most, that is most important, is sharpening his woodcutting blades. Not imagining what he wants to create, not choosing colors, but sharpening his tools. Also, I learned how much trial and error is necessary for him to use multiple colors, how many "ruined" pieces get thrown out as he works with his printing equipment to get things lined up exactly right. What a great lesson in persistence, patience and detachment, don't you think?

We only watched one episode, but I can't wait to watch the rest of the series! Here is a 5 minute preview, check it out if you want to be inspired!

You can watch the entire series on the PBS website.

And here is the main website, with links to all the artists in the series.

Jenny-mini-button Angel, I had seen this series described on the PBS website (after you shared it on Facebook, I think) and it looks fantastic. Now that you've described your impressions and emotions over it, I'm even more antsy to see it! I'll have to program our DVR to record it asap.

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