Friday, March 4, 2011

Links: Come on Spring!


Oh, Spring is almost here! My favorite time of year (well, I love all the Seasons but Spring is just SO lovely.) My energy is renewed with every new daffodil or crocus I see bloom! Here are some of the things that have caught my eye in the crafty Universe this week:

I LOVE reading about Farmama's spinning, knitting and other adventures with wool.

Elsa Mora never fails to inspire me: Flower Vision, turned into a miniature book.  And a really, really wonderful print, "Little Red Riding Hood". (The print I had to have, I would buy something from her every week if I could!)

Amy over at Angry Chicken has started making these gorgeous Birth Charts, that is next on my list. has a new project: Action Pack, a downloadable craft magazine for kids! This issue is about beeswax, and we definitely have PLENTY of that! I've picked several of the projects for us to do during Spring Break, coming up in a few weeks!

Also inspired by Bird and Little Bird this week: Her creative space, and her daughter's creative space. And, a lovely handmade book tutorial!

Hand stitching post, curated by Melanie at A Sewing Journal: definitely considering this for my quilt.

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